My Infernal Cane (Epic) is lvl 15

and max damage is 3-4.5k and yet I just fought a player who 1 hit Raika(7,100hp) with same weapon.

Both our Fairden are lvl 18

Legendary dice

sounds like they upgraded their farideh more than you have. Also could have had legendary dice or belt to do more dmg, also was it a crit? that obviously does more than base max damage. Weapon dmg is also not solely based off the level of the weapon. Every piece of gear can help raise your overall attack and dmg. For all you know their lvl 18 faridah has all level 18 gear and yours only has lvl 15 gear. that makes a huge difference. Character level means next to nothing compared to gear level so without knowing their gear level you cant compare your Faridah to theirs based solely off your character levels.


It sounds to me like there were some buffs or debuffs involved. Farideh’s common headband debuff would double everyone’s damage on affected targets. Alternatively, Calliope’s epic pants buff on Farideh would more than double her damage.