My initial feedback on the balancing changes


Update has been out for like half a day so I need more testing before finally making up my mind, but here’s my thoughts so far:

-The general less damage, more health idea is good. Battles last a little longer, more room for tactics instead of dying from two hits and giving the game to whoever had the fastest dinosaur. This is a good idea.

-You’ve gone too far just to counter raptors. It’s not that raptors didn’t need nerfing - in fact, they did, and I wish you had only nerfed raptors instead of buffing tanks SO MUCH. Just a little bit of damage nerf on raptors as well as a debuff that prevents them from switching after using Pounce would have been enough. As it is, the pinning strike some tanks gained is not enough because to counter a raptor, the first thing you have to do is slow her down, not lock her. And adding so much self-cleaning in game certainly helps counter raptors but also everything else. Many dinosaurs that rely on causing negative effects to opponents (monolophosaurus for example) have become useless because half the opponents they face will have a constant self-cleaning. You really should have just nerfed velociraptor instead of hurting many other dinosaurs too.

-You’ve also nerfed many other, non-raptor, high speed and high damage dinosaurs! Baryonyx DIDN’T need a nerf! She was already a bit weak and a huge risk to use because of her skill mechanics! I just used a levle 13 Baryonyx against a level 13 Amargocephalus. Destroying tanks is Baryonyx’s job, right? Well, Amargocephalus won :confused: Baryonyx damage nerf has completely broken her. And she is not the only victim of this mass murder. This is going to become a terrible tank meta, which is even worse than the raptor meta because tank fights take much, much longer.

-Despite this I do like some of the tank buffs. The counter attack mechanic feels great, and creatures like Nodopatosaurus needed a bit of a buff, to be honest. I just wish things were more balanced stat-wise. And you went too far with creatures like Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus is the new Velociraptor? Way too powerful for a common, self-cleaning and slowing down opponent in literally every turn :confused:

-I’ve been saying this for ages, but now it’s more true than ever: Rex needs a buff! With this tank meta we need useful tank counters. Rex dies way too easily and Baryonyx isn’t doing enough damage. Please, fix this ASAP. I have nothing against tanks, in fact I like them more than the raptors, but I want a balanced game. Can’t you find a middle ground?

This is it for now. I will add more stuff when I’ve played more. Thoughts?


Yes. All of this. Nerf the stego immediately.


You spoke me and my friends’ mind


Keep the current basic skill with a speed debuff, but remove the cleansing crap. Cleansing is a very special skill that shouldn’t be awarded to tanks. It makes sense on indoraptor since it’s a very special dinosaur.


Yes, I agree with all of this.

Especially Stego. I thought that Superiority Strike would prevent the enemy from switching out. I see no point in having two different moves that BOTH slow the opponent down. Stego renders cleansing moves pointless when facing off against it.

And yes, why can’t Rexy have a buff? We’re talking about an epic here! She shouldn’t be going down so quickly.

So far, in terms of battle, I’m not sure just yet if I prefer the changes. Most people are still sending out raptors constantly, and my dinos are just stomping all over them. But then they bring out a tank. Against my tank. And it’s far too slow and repetitive. I’ll need a bit more time.


Rexy damage stat is good, makes sense the way it is, big hit with a chance to become major hit. I like the way she works, simple, always strikes second but hurts a lot. She doesn’t need fancy stuff like self cleansing or debuffing opponents or armor or whatever. But she needs to be able to survive several opponent’s attacks to be able to fight back. That’s all she needs. More health, pretty please. Having the highest damage in game isn’t worth anything if she never survives long enough to use her big hit.


Guys try more dinos with nullifying or defense shattering attacks and come back to discuss.
Current meta is trying to include more varied dinos, giving strategic/controller dinos more chances.
It’s a bit early to jump to conclusions after just playing a dozen games


If you read my post you’d realize that’s exactly the point I’m making. I tried dinos with defense shattering attacks. The problem isn’t that tanks are OP, the problem is that there aren’t effective counters. Baryonyx should be a counter for Amargocephalus and yet Amargocephalus won. That is simply bad.

Yes it’s a bit early, I did mention that too, but for now it really sounds like they went too far with tanks.


What does nerf mean ?n


There are several more dinos having defense shattering attacks now too. I still need to try all of them out.
After losing several game in a row, I had to replace irex and pyro with Trex and mono.
I also feel now dino rarity tier make a difference in power, a lengendary is generally better than epic.
Bary is always too fragile for me. I’m working on her hybrid, immune should help a lot.


Nerf means something has had its effectiveness reduced, either because abilities have changed, health reduced, damage reduced, etc. When something is overperforming in a game, it needs to be nerfed.


Baryonyx didn’t get a nerf though? I had her pre-nerf and now she is still l level 12 and ready to crush + defense shattering impact deals 2002 damage and 3003 if it crits. Not saying she is over or underpowered but they haven’t touched her.

So far I find this ‘meta’ much much more fun. Stegosaurus needs a nerf and Pyroraptor either needs her armor piercing impact back, give her rampage (just regular) or make her strike armor piercing. Currently she is a downgrade of Charlie, a RARE. That is just Triceratopscrap.

Also, Lyra, they gave Postdimetrodon and Gorgosuchus defense shattering impact. Dimetrodon got buffed and Suchotator got a better bleed and bleed also ignore tank shenanigans.

So we have Gorgosuchus, Postdimetrodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Baryonyx, Irritator, Allosinosaurus and Dimetrodon as tank busters. Aruably Indominus Rex and the lower class “rexes” like Tarbosaurus and REX Gen 2


You are forgetting stat changes. They might have gotten good abilities but with bad stats they are worthless. Seriously a Postimetrodon taking 3 hits to take down half the life of a Stegoceratops is not a good sight. Rex hasn’t been either nerfed or buffed, but she needed a buf before this, now with tanks being more OP she needs it more than ever.

I will keep my eyes open, though, and keep testing. As I said, I haven’t made up my mind yet.


Does Posti really need that much hit to take down a Stegoceratops? I was under the impression Ferocious Strike into Defense Shattering Rampage twoshots the thing. Also Stegocera can’t even touch Posti because of her immunity. All Stegocera has is raw damage in that matchup.

Yes, if it was up to me I either would give Bary +200ish health or +100 something attack. “Tyrant class” also 300-400 more health to be able to execute their base impact + rampage combo (or strike if they are commons).


I have been killed by way too many Stegos today and they usually didn’t pose much of a threat.
They are too powerful for such a common dinosaur.

Now back to loosing a few matches :sweat_smile:


Another thing the developers need to do is fix the matchmaking.

When I’m at 1600, and I play 11 straight opponents over 1900…I don’t care what kind of animals ya got loaded…it is impossible to win or even hold your ground effectively.

Also, let us decide which 4 of our 8 dinosaurs we wanna bring into battle…just an idea


Actually, I’d like to correct myself. Now it is 2958 and 1972 vs 3003 and 2002. So she really did got a nerf. :confused:

I’d have bet my neck that Baryonyx had crit for me 3003 yesterday, but I haven’t pay enough attention it seems.


Where can you check the older stats? I’d like to see them to be able to compare with new ones!


That is something I remember by heart, since Baryonyx was a stable part of my team ever since the Badland Arena. Grinded with her through that, Lockdown and Sorna Marshes. Only now I switched her out for my Postimetrodon.


Current stats

Old stats

You can compare the level 26 stats.
She lost 20 damage for 3 speed. That isn’t too bad.


Oh, great, thanks! Let’s hope they don’t update the wiki soon so that we can compare