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My interest for this game is gone

First slap when you create the boost system. But it was OK, I could compete in the top 1000 because I had only to buy the speed boost for very low money (if you were active you can get most of the hard cash for free and buy the speed boost with it). Tier 6/7 health/attack were more than enough to compete.
Now the second slap!!! To compete you need to buy all of the boost every week. It cost to you 6000 hard cash, 40 euros!!! Is it serious Ludia? My vip is canceled again, I lost 300 trophies because I battled against very high boosted dinos (like erlidom 170 speed) or thor with 2700 dmg (all my team is only tier 2 health and attack now). And with these price I will never progress. I will not give you a single penny more.
I am so disappointed than I am thinking of deleting this game, and trust me I am not the only one to think about this. Some members of my team are already gone and will not come back. Why destroy all of our hard work in two updates? Selling the same game as twice…
This is the beginning of the end


Thanks for your time.

And effort.

And all the work you done hunting in both days and nights.

I appriciate the hard work you spent on the game: rainy days, winter and summer.

Your best friend,


I also thought that some time ago but… IT is a game. A game Ludia develops to earn money.

We All knew IT was p2w and this means the ones pay more have more opportunities to be in first places.

Once this is in everyone’s mind, you just have to have fun, work on a balanced team and… Have fun again.

Before boost era I worked on a SIA team wich allowed me to have lot of fun and be really competitive.

Then boost entered into action…my team completely changed and started to get really bored. Again… (Thor, magna and Erlidominus era).

Then boosts change again (last update) and I felt like I was hit by a rock in my face…

What did I do?

Again reworked my team, assumed I couldn’t reach top position because I am not p2w and I am now happy in 4900-5100 having really funny matches.

We can play this game two ways:

  • funny
  • competitive (involves money)

You can choose whatever you want but if you do not want to get angry and think you wasted time, just play for the first option.


The way that the game changed is not acceptable. Boost system is too much and the price are way too high. They really broke the game in two updates, fun or not it s too much

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Dear Loveraptors,

The game itself is very modern, and using a lot of futures to getting more competitive and better.
Go out and hunt more, use more boosts and enjoy the complexity of leveling up your team.
Try the tournament and the scents. Build up your collection! And while L change, you could be a part of that!

Your friend,