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My Jurassic Park

I just wanted to create a thread with everything to do with my park. Like I said yesterday I decided to create my Idom Rex, so my next step is getting another T-Rex back to level 40.

Here’s my Dinos.

I just got another Edestus. Should I
Keep two level 10’s or create a level 20?.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you don’t want to have a couple of dinos have a much higher ferocity than the rest of your dinos or the PVE matches will get too hard. A level 20 Edestus would make him way higher than anybody else you have. I’m not sure I would even make him a full level 10.

So just hatch it and keep him a level 1.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in here soon, but yes. If Edestus at level 1 is already higher than your Mauisaurus (not sure of his level 1 stats), then yes. If he’s lower than Mauisaurus, then I’m sure it’s safe to raise him around there. I believe they say your PVE is based on your top 3 guys, so if they are way higher than the rest of your dinos, PVE will get really hard.


This is correct. Keep you top group close in ferocity.

Indominus rex level 10 is weaker than T-rex level 40 … at least your jurassic fights will be more balanced now… Try to make all your creatures with similar ferocity.

Okay, thanks guys.