My JWA Christmas Wishlist

Well, folks, it’s almost that time of year again, Christmas. Now… may I present my JWA Christmas Wishlist? Everything that I could possibly wish for from Ludia for the best Christmas gift.

  • Balanced arena fights
  • Reasonable nerfs/buffs
  • Boost shuffle/reset… how long has it been now?
  • Exciting updates
  • Bug fixes
  • More bug fixes
  • A game which doesn’t kill my phone battery in less than 19 seconds

So what is on YOUR JWA Christmas Wishlist?
Let me know.
-ForTheLoveOf42/Kind Pegasus


This to be added to the game, if everyone’s alright with it,
argenteryx nerf,
monolorhino nerf.
Tryko buff (50% resistance to DOT).
Aquatic update.


A unique with stego model or one with raptor model


My wishlist is :- More Para Lux spawns on map and also Sinoceratops and Smilonemys boss return in Friday raids.



Again, please do this Ludia…

5 updates (5 months) since last boost shuffle lol


I need this… My phone goes from 100% to 60% in only a matter of minutes playing JWA.

My personal Xmas Wishlist is very similar honestly. Just a few more things tho

•Skins: Having customizable skins for my dinos would be awesome, especially for dinos that have bland coloration.

•Naming: Seeing Bob the Scorpius Rex or Jennifer the Trykosaurus would be hilarious lmao

•Customizable moves: Having the ability to change certain moves we don’t like with a small tax or price would be awesome. For example: Dislike Hadros Lux’s Decelerating Impact? Just change it to Group Decelerating Rampage or Group Distraction for a small price of 500 coins
or so!

Also Thor nerf. I hate that stupid Green Rat.


For me it’s aquatics, boost reset/shuffle, more permian creatures, more dinosaurs, bug fixes, arena improvement, skins for creatures, more good raids and more para lux spawns
(If I come up with more things i want in jwa i will reply to this post again)

I would love balenced arenas battles. I face so many level 30s-27 and my team can not deal with that. The highest creature level on my team is 26

:musical_note: all I want for christmas is a boost reset :musical_note:

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My is the Komodo dragon ancestor I forgot it’s name. A small buff for indoraptor,make it have a attack that takes away shields. Name dinosaurs. Dire wolf, (epic) a allo raptor hybrid. Make creatures have more group attacks.


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My JWA wishlist :

  1. Making a small event with a advent calendar that gives you neat lil prizes everyday you visit JWA.
    More coming soon when I have more ideas…

@Arbiter @MASTER_REX just read your comments. You guys play ARK too ?

By the way I would also love to see Dire Wolf and Megalania. Also that little thief as a new flock - Pegomastax.

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I dont play ark

Ohkay. My bad.

Yes that. Wortwortwort

I don’t play it,but I think I saw gaming beaver play it

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Another thing for Christmas I’d love to see is a Features and Creatures poll. Back in May, when the first Features and Creatures Poll dropped, there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction. It’d be wonderful to finally see that positive stuff like that again, instead of mostly negativity we keep seeing recently. Maybe include different features and creatures, maybe Community made concepts? Maybe??

Would you like a Features and Creatures Poll this Christmas?
  • Yes, I’d like another F&C Poll
  • No, I wouldn’t like another F&C Poll

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  • Boost reset
  • Boost reset
  • Boost reset