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My last ten Epic Dinos from the wild


8 Bary
1 Koola
1 Rex

I’m close to 12k Bary DNA now, and my Tryo is already 26. For the first time in my JWA experience, i have actualy started to ignore an Epic Dino spawn.

Sad days, sad days indeed :expressionless::no_mouth::persevere:

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I would trade 5 of your bary for my 5 koola.

Mine were
5 koola
2 Concav (1 from normal scent)
2 Bary
1 Rex (from normal scent)

These are from the last two months, btw.


Concav have been scarce for me since 1.5. I’ve got it to 15, but only have 200 or so spare dna for it. Hopefully it doesn’t get a hybrid next update. Lol