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My Latest Post in the "Bug Reports" Thread

I just wanted to share my latest misadventure with PvP battles… They have NOT been working properly for me at all this week, and I’ve dropped from about 4200 trophies to about trophies in a couple of days. I’ve had days where I never won a fight, or won 1-2 out of a dozen, with a significant number of losses being due to either having my turn skipped entirely or not being able to choose my next move & the system defaulting to my creature’s lowest-level default attack. Here’s the text of my latest bug report… Is anyone else seeing this crap, or am I just a bug magnet?

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Bug Description: Standard PvP battle, with my level 21 Allosinosaurus taking some hits from a closely-matched Marsupial Bear.  The bear is faster, so it hits my dino first; I hit the bear, it executes its Minor Counter-Attack (Passive) and then nothing happens. The timer counts down to 0 and still nothing happens.  Nearly 20 seconds after the timer reaches zero, the bear hits my dino with a Minor Rending attack and my dino hits back with a Defense Shattering Strike (its lowest-level default move) but the game NEVER gives me a chance to choose my move. If I had been allowed to choose a move, ANY other move by my dino would have killed the bear and won the battle, but because the system did not let me choose and simply executed the lowest-level attack, the bear then killed my dino with its passive counter-attack, causing me to lose the battle and 27 more trophies. FIX YOUR PVP BATTLES -- IF I REPORTED EVERY SUCH SKIPPED MOVE OR NON-APPEARANCE OF ATTACK MENUS I WOULD BE MESSAGING YOU AT LEAST FIVE OR SIX TIMES EVERY DAY.