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My Leedsichthys and Jurassic Park Builder Video

I was inspired by @Sionsith to make this on YT… shared a bit late… :smiley:

And here is my video that was made right after JPB left our lives - before I even knew this forum existed, before my first aquatic creature of JWTG… I really have no idea why, but it crossed 4K views in just a few weeks xD

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How is it, guys? Feedbacks are very appreciated… :smiley:

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I’m with you! The only reason I started JW was because of the announcements that JPB was no longer going to be supported. My son still asks me why I don’t play it anymore and he was really disappointed when I told him the reason. We spent a lot of time sitting together, going to the paddocks to listen to the different sounds the dinos would make. Our favorite was Corythasaurus’ vocalization. It had a musical, flute- like call (I am still bummed the sound was changed in JW :slightly_frowning_face:).

Even though JW was newer, I chose JPB a few years ago because I loved Jurassic Park the movie over all the sequels. JW the movie was good but it didn’t have the magic …

I still love JW because I’m a dino nut and it’s a lot of fun but I’m sad JPB is gone.

I think your video receiving that many views shows there are a lot of people feel the same way as you. Thanks so much for sharing this. :clap:

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@Schmoo thank you so much, friend! Yes, I stopped playing JPB back in '19. Came back after exams in February '20 to see this heartbreaking news. Thus I went to JWTG to keep the flame of JPB alive… But it will forever be missed.

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