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My level 20 account is gone

I could not log in to the game so I uninstalled and redownload the game and now my account is gone. Please I need help. I tried emailing and in game support and have got no response back.

Hey Brian_Ashforth, could you go into your in-game Settings menu and reconnect to either Facebook or Google Play and see if you can access your original account? If you were playing on a “guest” account, our team would have to assist you further with this once they get a chance to review your ticket.

I’m pretty sure I used my Google play account and I tried to log in with that again and it was a level 1 account. So I logged out of that and attempted to try logging in as a guest and that was also a new account.

Sadly, if your original game was on a guest account, there is a risk of losing your data due to device crashes, updates, or deleting the game. However, rest assured that our support team will try their best in helping you find your game account.