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My level has possibly been reset


Ok so I am level 62 in the park and I know I am because I have played for best part of 3 years now. I am VIP however since going above level 60 i have been seeing many more common packs in the events section where I used to get more legendary. Also it says that Isla Sorna is locked and I unlock it at level 45 even tho I can access it and most my best creatures are on there. Finally, in the “PVP” battle, I only get “novice prize” when I feel like (being two thirds of the way through the levels) should not be the case? Please give me any support possible as the in-game support is not responding at all!? Thank you very much.

What happens when you click Isla Sorna? Also pretty sure everyone gets Novice Prize when they win 1 battle, you have to play multiple games and win for it to show something different.

Definitely sounds like something weird is happening with how the game views your level.

Events rewards are fixed - you get a certain pack for completing a certain event. If your level was reset, you would be getting the lowest level events that might then give lower level packs. Check the Weekly Schedule thread here and see if you are getting the appropriate events for your level.

PvP rewards, however, are linked to the ferocity of the dinos that you bring to the fight, not your level. If you got a novice prize, you probably were using lower level dinos. Bring higher ferocity ones to the fight and your prize level should increase.

Good luck getting things sorted. Ludia can take a while, but they should get to your ticket eventually.

“It is either Impossible or it is Ludia” says Da Wise Weirdo!

Hello Asha_Badale. Once our support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible so keep an eye out! Thank you for your patience.

My park crashed in this game’s predecessor- Jurassic Park: Builder, several years ago… Ludia rolled out an update to add in the aquatic park and my park, my missions, my creatures… Everything was completely gone and the entire game was reset to zero.

Ludia sort of helped- I mean, back then (2012) you could call their support line and actually speak to someone about the issue… But unfortunately that someone wasn’t super helpful. They sort of mocked me about my vested interest in my park and ultimately only gave me some Dinobucks to “repurchase everything lost.” At face value, that sounded like a fair deal… Except that the Dinobucks weren’t nearly enough and I actually eventually gave up altogether for years…

When this game came out (2015), I simultaneously decided to start a new park in Jurassic Park Builder. Eventually I was able to beat all the missions, reach max rank, unlock 100% of the Jurassic, Aquatic, and Cenozoic parks, max out all the creatures (including tournaments and the Indominus Rex), and buy and place every decoration/building in Jurassic Paek Builder. It was a happy ending until they shut down Jurassic Park Builder in March of this year…


@DantheMan I try not to think of the good old days with JPB… whenever I contemplate on it, I almost always find myself in tears :cry:


I guess you are getting a bit too nostalgic,you are implying about JPB almost everywhere.

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Agreed, let’s concentrate on this game and show Ludia how much we love Jurassic world the game.
This is the best way to prevent this game from suffering the same fate as JPB.


@Tommi you’re right. If JPB had a forum too, then probably it would have delayed the closure.

@anon43877113 sometimes I do get nostalgic, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Yes, those good old times.
Walkman, Commodore C64, Black Death…


I only ever played Ice Age Village, Ice Age Adventures, Inside Out, JPB, JWTG, Rise of Berk and ocassionally some random timepass games. In the exception of JWTG, I have never stuck to a game for more than 3 months.


Not even JPB?

Compared to JWTG, JPB is pretty short, and at one particular stage, you find that there’s nothing else to do and the game is pretty much over. By sheer dumb luck, I saw the news of JPB’s closure a month before it happened and screen-recorded 10 GB worth of memories like music, animations, etc. But in JWTG, there’s always something new. We had Plesiosuchus, Brachiosaurus, Dracorex, Liosichthodon, etc just this year in the fifth year of the game. Whereas JPB literally stopped rolling out updates, new features or creatures in its fifth year. It was pretty much a dead game after 2017, but the real death came in 2020.

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