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My line up at LvL 43

I have been seeing an increase of posts about people’s lineups so as a person who doesn’t post on the forum I decided to go and post mine.I have been playing JWTG for 6 months no vip and I just want to see how I am doing and how I can improve.

Keep doing what you are doing, might want to hold off on bringing to many other VIP creatures to lvl 10, but other than that keep leveling, fusing your creatures, and having fun.

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This account is 10 months ( 1 month VIP ), and you progress is very slow !! :smile:

10 char

First off welcome to the forum @Jordan_Peev and second of all what advice can you give besides saying my progress is slow

Thanks , as you see my creatures is balance for the battle , they must always be on the same level . First steep don’t buy hybrid rare and common you losses dna .Second steep you need upgrade legendary dinosaurs to 40 level everyone , buy for dna only 1 time (up to 40 level) , for unlocked hybrids legendary wait and collected for awards . For lift battle stage you need buy (john hammond memorial) and sell or for trade harbor you get (dna , bucks , jw) .Save bucks for gyrosphere and wait to release something interesting awards .

@Jordan_Peev you can bring your tournament creatures at level 30, they are a good bench even so!

So I will lose quantity creatures . :grinning:

Of cpurse buttt…