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My Line-Up in a month from now (Post 1)

This is a thread where I would like to discuss my plans for my line up by next month and the changes which I plan and whether or not and how to execute them,I will be making a monthly thread on this basis,other too can use this if they want to discuss their plans ahead,but as he line up evolves,this thread will too and have multiple threads that are continuations of the same.

My plans:-

1.Maxing T Rex Gen 2 by mid July
2.Getting Stegoceratops level 20 by next week
3. Filling at least 6 maxed alangasaurus for coins and tournament lineups by next month
4. Deinocheirus level 20 by end of next month
5. Segnosaurus level 20.

I think that among these,I can only facilitate about 3,because of the DNA requirements,hence, I would like to know which ones to go with first. All DNA spending will happen in bulk at once on mondays,during the discount. I certainly know that things are not always carried out or come out as perfectly as planned,so I will keep updating,others too can use this thread if they want to foresee where the route they are going will take them and the utility of resources.

My plans: Get a deeper bench. For example, getting 9 maxed Alangasauruses.

I see where you are heading,maximising utility of the trade harbour and success in tournaments.

What tournament Dino’s do you have unlocked?

I think I would spend DNA on that instead of a gen 2 T. rex.

Curious to hear your thoughts on why deinocheirus is a priority. Do you think it will be useful in your line up? Is it just a dino that you would like to evolve?

Genuinely interested.

Deinocheirus is a priority as,I lack herbivores,and most of my dinosaurs are carnivores,and I at least have a level 30 Pteranodon and Level 30 Itchyostega,but I do not have any good herbivore,and I lack good glass cannons at the same time,hence I want to get Deinocheirus.

Well,these are really all planned,I am about level 67 now,so I am sure I will reach level 70 in less than a month,so I want to get Deinocheirus,Segnosaurus is the CoT,so yes,and then, that’s it for now. Deinocheirus is a Battle Stage Unlock.

I already have a level 30 Rex Gen 2 though.

I’ve got 2,000 S-DNA now. So I can get a Monostegotops. But, I’m lvl 44 now. So I feel that by the time I get a lvl 40 Stegoceratops I’ll have enough S-DNA to get a lvl 40

Ahhh I see! It’s interesting.

I personally never use deinocheirus buttt I haven’t brought any of mine past level 20. At level 20 they are not useful at all.

Long term Unaysarus might be a better investment of your resources. It will prep you for having a really epic hybrid down the line. Unayrhynchus is incredibly useful.

I see your glass cannon strategy though. I’ll bring mine up to a level 40 and see how it goes.

Yeah, I don’t find most of the tournament dino’s very useful until lvl 30, there are a few exceptions though, Zalmoxes hits super hard for a herb at lvl 20 and is a good glass cannon for tournaments. I have a lvl 20 Deinocheirus and i couldn’t tell you the last time i used it for anything.

But since you get 1 via unlock you only have to buy 1 to get lvl 20 so that isn’t all that bad i guess.

Shunosaurus level 20 ,stegosaurus 40 are my best herbs right now.

I can particularly say one thing,any glass cannon does excellent when given its well deserved reserves.

Mine currently is a lvl 20 Ankylocdus, lvl 10 Eolambia and a lvl 20 ophi and a maxed stegosaurus. Goona have a stegocerotops soon. But what I’m not balanced is pteosaurs and amphibians. searching for a good amphibious glass cannon and a good flyer health tank


I got lucky with the VIP packs and got two Prestosuchus. He’s a great glass cannon (even for level 10). I’m also searching for Pteranodon meat shield. Best thing I got right now is a level 20 Tapejalosaurus, but his health is only 1394, so he’s not that great. His disadvantage is against herbivores though and those tend to have low attack (except for Segnos and such). A better one would be nice though.

I got the unlucky and got two panochtus :sob::sob:


I actually need him, but it would suck to get him hoping for a dino.

Edit: nevermind, I just saw hit stats, he’s a meat shield. I need a well balanced cavern creature or a well balanced snow creature.

You call 2 unlucky? I got 3 ,come at me!

Bring it on! I got 8 Non Jurassics in 8 solid gold packs!

Yeah that is called being extremely unlucky