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My Line Up in a month from Now(Post 2)

So this is my 2nd post of (My Line Up in a month from now) where I discuss my plans for the month and how I will carry them out. I made the original post a while back,everybody is free to discuss their own plans.

  1. So my plans for the weeks are:-
    Getting Deinocheirus to level 20 this week,a second Segnosaurus Level 20 as well by this week,and purchasing 1 Stegoceratops by this week. Next week-2 Tapejalosaurus and 1 more Stegoceratops. Week 3 is going to focus on getting Ostafrikasaurus and Microposaurus to level 30,because the hybrid will be coming in to the line up soon as well. Week 4 will focus on maxing T Rex Gen 2 and Raptor Gen 2 .

How I will carry it out

  1. Stacking my DNA and spending them after deciding at the end of the week ,my DNA count has been relatively low since I have been spending it really fast,I regain it just as fast,but the expenditure has not been happening steadily,as I have been focusing on Common Hybrids over the past few days,I just spent 11,000 DNA yesterday,on maxing a Labyrinthosaurus I just got,or divide the expenditure between the Monday and Thursday discounts.

  2. Maxing 1 common hybrid every week.

  3. Strictly saving bucks for spending only on Diamond Fidelity Wheels weekly,the leftover bucks will stack over the weeks and I will use them to speed tournament creatures all at once at the end of the month.

Ya nice plans…
My plans-
Getting to lvl 70,
Maxing 2 labryntiosaueous
Getting another lvl 20 brachiosaurs and segnosaurous

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I am sure you can complete the first 2 in no time,the segno-brachi thing will hog your hatchery

Ya that’s pretty sure, but now I’m doing t rex gen 2 lvl 30

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I have 5200 LP,I am waiting to trade my genius’s for 5500 LP,I even rejected a 691 DB trade for henodus in order to get a LP trade for it.

Ya keep waiting

Itll Pay off

I guess I could not,I ran out of DB,I payed DB for trying the DNA to Jurassic(of course) no luck. So I traded Henodus for 932 DB.