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My lineup after a year of play

@mineluissss as requested, didnt want to derail the weekly schedule thread.

It’s always good to share progress and lineups, as you probably could have guessed I do not struggle at all with events and probably need to start increasing my top ferocity.

My next Jurassic projects will be pteraquetzal and cerazinosaur (unless we get a gorgo unlock fairly soon)


Woooooooow that is a smooth lineup and how do you have this much legendarys? And one last thing, do you have any tips for getting more dna? I wnt to get lvl 20 hybrids.

(ankylodocus, stegoceratops, tropeogterus, tapejalo), and I want to get max trex and shuno

Store af in market, take every af to dna you see.

Do coin/food to jurassic to get dna.

If you have creatures in your market that your not planning to hatch anytime soon and they get offered for dna take the trades.

Besides that just play the game regularly complete all PvE and when the boss comes around try to complete as many raid missions as possible, tournament wheels are also a gold mine for dna once you reach dom league.

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ooo dominator mine for dna huh? I could try and get lythornax and heaps of dna

But atleast I want to get predator league

Even the predator pack is good, think its 5k dna and 2 legendaries.

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yes but its 4,800 not 5k but still. loooots of dna

Allsoo I need to use my dinos wiser because right now I could be having a lvl 20 trex gen 2 but the last one I got I traded for 400 bucks

400 bucks I would have done the same lol

Try to keep a clear market also, youl make much more progress with resources that way


yes I am not wise with the trade harbour

but right now I have a apato fossill in there trying to get more bucks. Im at 39

I would say that’s wise, 400 bucks for a creature that costs just under 4k dna is a great deal.

However if your struggling with dna it’s not the best I can understand that.

There was a thread created by mr nobody cares about gaining dna with some useful information.

To note that he is a non vip player but gained over 1 million dna in the span of time I’ve made what I have.

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Very nice! I’ll post mine in around April (1 year of playing) :smiley: Well done @Aether_12, that’s astounding progress in 1 year.


I will put mine in august.


@Aether_12 Your line up is deeper than me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve been playing a little over 2 years, mine is ok for where I’m at, so I think it’s time to do more

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I’ve had my account for years, but young me had the attention span of a gerbil. So my line up isn’t that good

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Well not a year but just over (started on December 25th) and this is my lineup

Edit: 2 more dimetrocarnuses added


You are so lucky man. I’ve been playing for about 3 years but quit in between for like 2 years. So I’d say in about a year and a half in. I wish I had not quit Becuase you have so many super hybrids it’s literally insane. This is my line up.

Great job maxing so many creatures. I’m about to add another level 20 gorgosuchus to my line up but I’m no where near your level when it comes to the amount of good dinos you have.