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My lineup/deck

I’m playing this game for a while now, but I was never realy good at making good lineups. This is my second account (because my other one got lost) and I’m still not great at making them . Does anyone know what I should add to make a better lineup? This is my current one.

You took tropeogpterus too far. 2 Lv30 would have made your lineup great.
You now need to suffer till the rest catch up to it.
Right now keep adding lv30 legendaries , lv20 tournament , lv10 vip and a couple lv30 tropeogpterus.
I’d suggest making tapejalosaurus(lv 20) and diplotater (lv30).

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Thanks for helping me

Maybe make stegaceratops because later on, you can fuse it to a super hybrid. I would say around a level 10 should do for now.

This is very good for your level but also very unbalanced. You should try to get level 40 Unaysaurus and Tyrannosaurus, level 21+ Ankylodocus and Stegoceratops. Also wait for Baryonyx and Concavenator packs for 20.000 LP and buy one (I like Concavenators stat distribution more but it is up to you). Do these as fast as possible and you can get a more balanced lineup. Also grind modded pvp to get a level 40 Diplotator and level 17 Rajastega.

Read this: The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)


Okay, but is it worth getting those dinosaurs for the hybrids back or not?