My lineup - Improve top 9 (or not)

Hi, guys, i just want to ask is here something, what Should I improve just now or not?

I wanted one more amphabian in top 7 bec I think that is what mine top 7 needs but Ostapo level 30, or gorgosuchus lvl level 30, or koolasaurus lvl 40 aren’t strong enough for top and for gorgosuchus lvl 40 or 2nd Ostapo level 40 I don’t have enough dna
So what do you think?

is that a maxed diplosuchus?

Yeah is it

If you cant work on gorgo cos you dont have enough dna maybe another level 20 metria for now?

Not sure if zalmonodon and quetz will help at 20.

What about spinotasuchus how much kapro sdna have you got?

Edit: Gorgo is pretty cheap you have enough for 4 copies, plus at 30 he will be higher than your ostapo 40

you need depth about quality… gorgosuchus level 30 = over 2 days cooldown…

you don’t necessarily need to have creatures on top
you need useful creatures that you will use in certain time…

Dna x time x use…

so what you recommend, then?

but i need a creature with good cooldown for now

Gorgo level 20… 1 day cooldown

I would work on Gorgosuchus it is a long term solution to your issue, yes they have a longer cool down but over time you will get more of them and they will continue to be useful to your game.

How did you get monostegotops? I am struggling to get his s-dna

Once upon a time, Monolophosaurus S-DNA was available for Daily Events for a VERY long time. Beyond that, the VIP S-DNA Production Site and grinding MODed PVP are the best sources


At a present i can make level 20, or 30, which one is currently better for me? I also thinking about adding a second lvl 20 Metriaphodon And lvl 20 Armormata when I save DNA back but I am not too sure about that, like with amphibian, what you think?

@Andy_wan_kenobi is right, before time there was a chance to get mono SDNA longer than usualy, so more as a vip player who plays realy dayly (all events), there isnt problem with SDNA for me even more i am surprised how some players only have their first or second dimetrocarnus, while i already have it maxed and hatched 9th today… Also I can get tapejalocephalus and Monostegotops to level 40, but i dont think it would be good for my lineup at the present

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Depending on your goals and where you want to go…

I had a paddock full of level 20’s, then a paddock full of level 30’s, now I have a paddock full of level 40’s.

So start adding where you can and you will continue to add to them.

In this game while it would be nice to have a windfall of DNA, it’s just a grind of adding creatures over time that is the reality of tournament hybrids. Lvl 20’s might be enough to start with, but your play style will dictate that. So make a couple of 20s, see how they work out and if you need more add more. Perhaps Ludia will add another Amphibian tournament hybrid in the future and then you will want to focus on that instead, but if I have learned anything playing this game is to not wait for Ludia.


Well main goal is logically get all creatures maxed one day :smiley:

Well very often in events when you must use just legendary in 2-3 battles from 5 my opponents was carnivores, it wasn’t to much big problem for me, bec I use my VIPs as numerous backup (for ex. I have 3x mastodonsaurus lvl 20, 2x lvl 20 stygi And Wuer, etc), but I must wait to evening to finish that event in that situation I think two level 20 gorgosuchus can help.

Also now I maxing my “normal” legendaries aquatic and then I will max tournament non hybrid creatures, that take maybe more than year, so in my top lineup don’t be a changes (maybe some VIP on 40 but that not very often. So in my top are now monostego, Metriaphodon tapejalocephalus and 3 carnivores that’s why I think adding level 20 Armormata and second Metriaphodon can made a little better balance here, also Metriaphodon cooldown on lvl 20 (13 hours) compared to his stats is Luxus (well also is most beautiful pterosaur:D) also his lower damange on herbivore is about 1000+ so you can believe my Metriaphodon already killed many herbivores:D
(Well maybe Armormata Will needs level 25 to be strong for top I must find here ferocity first.

Ps: Also I must admit I am thinking hard about max my allonogmius preferably in future. Don’t looking for a tactic here, Allosaurus is my top Dino who isn’t in game Ludia made some weird fake which they call Allosaurus but it isn’t allosaur. But when you imagine allonogmius fins away, it’s actually Allosaurus, that’s my reason - top love Dino matter, already have level 10 which I unlocked, when they added him. And it has good price (45 000)

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Yes I will aim for allonogmius also because his design is so much better, very cheap and also has short cooldown.

Remember we also have the instant recovery lab I havent even had to use mine yet but it would allow you to use gorgo more times

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Yep, now we have two instant recoveries and in future, we get one more I think? I use them only just 1 day+ creatures, when I really need them. Mostly is it in tournament time, in weekend event’s. Btw I also have a rule don’t use a creatures with more, than 1 day cooldown in tournament

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Gonna need it for this weekends tournament I think, my aquatics aren’t half as deep as my jurassic lineup even though I have banana fish unlocked hes a costly one

I wish you good luck with that aquatic tournament. Even I won my first tournament with aquatic before some time. I must admit, I am happy I already Unlocked Bananafish before some longer time when Allonogmius came. For luck that was land tournament.

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@Aether_12 @Sionsith So here it is with shown their position in linep. Next step: Saved 83k dna and buy second Armormata for lvl 20.

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