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My lineup needs a makeover!

Yes and dont worry about titanoboa for now, aim for diloph gen 2 as hes a great carnivore, dilophoboa while nice to look at isn’t really helpful to your game due to it being so OP to the rest of the cenos, if you can get both then great but aim mainly for dilo.

It seems to be that ludia has made the boa tournament bracketed now after the reset for some unknown reason.

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I know but titanoboa was easier so I got to Dom but it was a waste of time I’d say hope Ludia does something better than 2k lps

Yeah that’s so close

Thank you so much

What’s the next page if u slide the lineup??

Nope got it legit all the resources for the maxing of this guy came from the trade harbor

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Awesome! :wink:

Last battle of f4f goes brrrrr


@Aether_12 @Jurassic_Fury @TheIndoraptorKiller @MirrMurr @Therizino2.0 @Cagkan_Coskun , got my second Rex level 40 will proceed for indom shortly :grinning: