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My lineup - Progress and Plans

I have made this thread for my lineup’s case. I have plans and I wanted to share them with you.

In 1.5 weeks I will have gorgosaurus lvl 40, to be fused to gorgosuchus.
In 2.5 weeks I will have a lvl 11 gorgosuchus (will be 2nd in lineup).
In about a month I will have segnosuchus lvl 10. After CoT I will unlock segnosaurus and get lvl 40 to fuse.
After this I will get cerazinosaurus lvl 10 and maybe erliphosaurus lvl 11.
After that I will work on armormata to keep at lvl 7/8.
And then I will work on zalmoxes lvl 40 and decide whether to get zalmonodon or not.
Spinoraptor to go to 40 after and fused for spinotasuchus.
I will then work on increasing ferocity.
I will update you in the future when I have more plans :slightly_smiling_face:


Keep improving that lineup of yours and yours might be as strong as mine is me day

Your lineup is based on high-end creatures which is, of course, great - but it also stopping you to properly expand your bench before you can support high-end creatures.
Your bench is not that deep and you will not be able to deepen it much further if you are aiming exclusively to tournament hybrids which are brutally expensive (gorgo at 42000 DNA, segno 51000, cerazino 480000 etc…). Deep bench is mandatory in order to be able to grind tournaments and all other events (which are also mandatory to be able to earn huge amount of DNA needed to buy more hybrids).
So, I would wait a bit before fusing gorgo&segno until first two rows from your lineup are at least doubled. Then grinding for DNA and only than shopping spree with expensive hybrids in your shopping cart :wink:
Good luck!


Ok thank you @filip1971
I will fuse gorgo - my lineup needs that amphibian. My current best amp is diplosuchus and it isn’t in my top 10

Update: gorgosaurus lvl 30. 3 more in hatchery. Will comp tourney for a free copy

I need help on what to choose my opponents are crazy strong

All of them are stronger than my strongest dino

amphibians … defeating the amphibian makes it easy

diplo,nunda,anyway… force to swap.

Update: gorgosuchus lvl 10 and a lvl 5 tapejalocephalus. Why lvl 5? So I can start filling the gap between lvl 20 ostaposaurus and lvl 30 ankylodocus.
Another gorgo hatched in 3 day’s time. Will evolve to lvl 11.
Indom g2 now lvl 20 and 1 monostegotops and 1 tape at lvl 9


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we have almost as much ferocity!

New plans:

  • Get as much lvl 40 tournament creatures as I can
  • Get 2 lvl 40 segnnosaurus and fuse 1
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  • as much lvl 40 tournament creatures as possible

Next ferocity jump: lvl 21+ indominus rex



Tournament creatures lvl 40
EVENTUALLY indoraptor

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