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My Lineup

This is my lineup. I know it’s carnivore heavy and I’m working on it. Math is “magic” to me and just looking for tips. It seems like my last indo that I added really swayed my matchups. Maybe it mattered and maybe it didn’t. Thanks anyone that responds.


Metriaphodon, Segnosuchus, and Gorgosuchus should be what you are looking for to complement the Indoraptors.

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You the man. I appreciate it

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Your level 10 Indoraptors are much stronger in terms of ferocity than the rest of your team.
First thing I would do is level up my VIPs and hybrids. I would even consider to bring them to level 40 if possible. Level 40 VIPs are still much weaker than an Indoraptor but they can help in PvEs.
At your current stage they are of no use to you in PvEs.

Here is what I got as company for my Indoraptors.

Screenshot_20200706-180919_Jurassic World


Yeah. My PvE’s are definitely a mess. I’m 2 Gorg’s away from the gorgosuchus sion mentioned. I’ll work on my VIP’s as I’m progressing on his recommendations. Thanks.

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Wow, 17 L40 VIPs. That is 136 VIPs.

That’s years worth of work there folks.


You haven’t seen my carnivore, cenezoic and aquatic VIPs. I love to brag.:wink:


Yeah. It shames my lineup. I was just ignoring the personal pain it caused and looking at the bright side of the help.

In my case, ferocity is not a problem and I have pachygalosaurus and gorgosuchus at level 40 … but as I also have a reasonable number of creatures the events are not complicated…

I don’t have near as many creatures to match my Indoraptors as @Tommi does, but same basic idea. I left mine at lvl 1 so I didn’t have to bring as much stuff up yet, but I do have a pretty good bench of level 30 VIPs, and then lvl 20 Gorgos (have one 21+ to use in a pinch, and will start adding more of those, but that right now is my highest ferocity, over even the Indos) and then lvl 15 or so Metrias, lvl 20 Monos and Tapeys, and now bringing up lvl 20 Segnos (already getting a lot of benefit out of these!) Managing quite well in daily events with that lineup, but since you leveled yours up to 10 you might need to go even higher.


You can make ostaposaurus and koolasaurus while the gorgosuchus doesn’t arrive…

Are you intentionally leaving any VIPs at level 20?

Deleted this because I responded to something that wasnt directed at me.

Yes. And a bunch at level 10. I want to see how high the DNA rewards from Code 19’s will go with a full paddock. As long as I have more than enough level 30s for my PvEs which I do, and plenty of 20’s for tournaments, I can leave any new ones at level 10 for now.

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Definitely what Sionsith said about the Gorgosuchus. You’ll need them around level 21-30 to match the indoraptors. They don’t have the same attack, but their large health pool makes them super useful for the carnivore heavy nature of the game.

The new zalmonodon is pricey but packs some serious meat shield potential for a pterosaur.

The Segnosuchus and metraiphodon are powerful glass cannons and excellent in PVE matches where you get to dictate the battle. Swap them in and knock about anything out with a few points of attack.

I’d really like a glass cannon powerhouse of an amphibian in the game. Or at least a super rare hybrid amphibian.


I appreciate all the feedback

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Show us your Carnivore line up

The rest is amazing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the flowers but I’m sure that a lot of guys are having a far better lineup than I have.

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i think you need more tanycolagreuses. solid gold pack is a bully.

The number of indoraptor gen 2 is very less. Fuse those two I rex gen 1 also… @Tommi :wink: