My list of new thing to be added in the next new update!


please ludia please add my suggestion for new things for new updates

new land dinos

mapusaurus epic

saurophaganax epic

pentaceratops epic

Carcharodontosaurus rare

Giganotosaurus rare

Saltasaurus common

Pelecanimimus common


ice age creatures

cave bear

new hybrids






mammoraptodon super hybrid of mammodon and pyroraptor lv 20

mammodon lv 15 mammoth and Diprotodon

game changes

to be able to select a stop and select what dinos u want to spawn at that stop

to move some of the dinos to jw the game

name the dinos

increased spawns


Spino raptor already roaming


the one from jw the game


Titanaboa would be good


Some of those ideas are nice, but let’s be realistic for a second and say that they are very unlikely to happen, at the very best.

Also, I’d rather see them expand the current dinos that are out, and work on bug fixes than try to figure out how to add aquatic dinos for a while. Same with trying to add a whole other age there. And as noted, Spinoraptor already exists in JWA…are you asking for the current one to be replaced, or a second hybrid of the exact same creatures added…? It would also likely be quite a bit harder to splice dinosaur DNA with that of mammals, for one of your hybrids.


This list is great and all, I’d just be happy with a game that doesn’t freeze like 20 times a day


I can feel your frustration man! It happens to me from time to time…but the soon i can sense that its freeze. I reset it right away… so i won’t miss a lot in the battle and catching up what I’ve lost… cheers!!!


spinoraptor will be smaller and faster version but it will be made using spino gen 2 an utahraptor