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My List of Quality-of-Life Requests

  1. Even with the new timer indication icons when you hover over a creature, it can still be confusing to know when an effect will actually end. This is most relevant to shields. As such, would you PLEASE change it back so that the final turn the shields are up, they disappear when that creature takes its turn?!?!

Far, FAR too many times I’ve been confused and used a move thinking I had a shield to contend with because it’s still visible while I’m selecting my move but then, when my turn is locked in and uses it, the shield up and vanishes and I missed a LOT of damage by selecting a weaker move I didn’t want to waste on a now non-existent shield.

Visual clarity is an absolute must and I cannot possibly be the only one extremely aggravated by this needless and completely detrimental change.

  1. Create an in-game timer that you can hover over to check duration of ‘dawn/day/dusk/night’ as far as wild spawns are concerned. Dawn and dusk change as the year progresses as well as their total duration, making it very awkward to know if one has the time to hunt for those relevant spawns.

Far too many times I’ve gone out in the evening and popped a rare scent and find it turn in-game night time before it ran out, wasting many opportunities for dusk-specific spawns to be darted while it’s still dusk in real-time.

Since the game already tracks it internally, just allow us access to that information upfront.

  1. Allow us to complete multiple strike event stages without having to exit to the map and re-select the tower each and every time. It eats up a lot more time than one would take at first glance and spinning the map around to aim at the darn things is really irritating since the alignment of the map always reverts to points northwards when you exit a tower.

  2. Please, if you absolutely insist on having a chat UI, please separate it entirely from DNA requests. I suspect this is the cause behind the scrolling feature to have a seizure sometimes when you are trying to go up or down to see specific requests to collect or donate to. For those alliances who do still use the in-game chat instead of Discord or other third-party applications, they would be especially more grateful.

  3. Increase the sensitivity on clicking on spawns while moving at higher-than-normal speeds.

Pretty self-explanatory. Even riding shotgun, the sheer number of times a spontaneous spawn has popped up and I have been totally unable to get into the darting phase, despite clicking directly on the creature multiple times and we move out of range for it to despawn even though it’s like only 10-15 feet away…AAARRRGHHHH!

  1. Speaking of being unable to click on a creature, how about letting us pivot the overworld map by a few more degrees on the ‘Z’ axis?

Being unable to click through towers, sanctuaries, and anything else with a platform you may implement in the future, means something can be within perfectly acceptable range to dart it except we can’t manipulate the map in order to get a good enough angle to which we can select the creature we’re after.

I don’t even know why, outside of very rare screenshots you may want to set up, you can even go to ground-level. I want to go UP, not down. I’m getting tired of being unable to dart something on the outer edge of my drone range when I am not afforded the opportunity to actually leave and get closer for a better angle.


Richard_Merrick - “Ludia, here are some suggestions I think would improve the game.”

Ludia - “Buy more boosts.”

Richard_Merrick - “Then you will maybe implement these rational suggestions?”

Ludia - “…”

Ludia - “…”

Ludia - “…”

Ludia - “No. Buy more boosts”

I think your suggestions are all good and reasonable Richard. Unfortunately, it seems most of them we have all been screaming for so long its apparent they are not going to fix and adapt the the players over new features that tend to only bring more bugs.