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My Little Pony (Creature file #55)

Playing My Little Pony intro Gaah! What are y’all doing here? What? You want a new
creature? Sure. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at a horse. Not just any horse. A Hipparion. Also, Jurassic month is coming in 3 days, so get ready.


Rarity: Rare

Health: 3670

Damage: 1120

Speed: 126

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Long Decelerating Strike


Dig in

Possible hybrid: Hypchop, Fuse with Hipparion and Entelochops

Rarity: Unique

Health: 4510

Damage: 1150

Speed: 128

Armor: 20%

Critical: 5%


Superiority Strike


Mutal Fury

Revenge Shattering Rampage

Passive: Immune to Deceleration and Damage over time

  • The name, Hipparion, means “Pony”.

  • Unlike modern horse and its earlier cousins, Hipparion has two toes, but both can’t touch the ground.

  • This horse was named by de Christol in 1832.

Stay tuned for the next creature were we see a hadrosaurs that spends most of its time near water, and perhaps live life as an aquatic.


You know. Working on a creature that has its own animation is difficult to do. Am I right?

You’re right, like me when im thinking of the animations for my aquatic update

Insert my little pony theme song

Would it have its own animations or the deer animations?

oh, that looks like the miocene zebra on “Ancestors”

Own animation

It reminds me of the Quagga. If that is the correct name for that creature?

Yeah but in Ancestors, that’s a Hipparion, but looks more like a Quagga. Another difference is that it have one hoof like a modern horse instead of three. That’s why I use that rather than ancestors one

That’s what happened to me with the Argentavis, Beelzebufo, and Yi Qi