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My little prehistoric leak

Hey guys. The first episode of My Little Prehistoric is still in hold, but I could give y’all a dialogue leak of what’s gonna be added in my first episode. Here it is.

Pip: According to the list from Good day, there was supposed to be a ceratopsian that rammed into trees to get the oranges down.

Stinger: Yeah. Let’s just hope that this “ceratopsian” doesn’t had to deal with it.

Hercules: Incoming!

(Pip and Stinger turn around to see a ceratopsian run towards them, which cause them to move out a way. Then, the ceratopsian hits the tree, which makes the oranges fall down)

Stinger(sigh): Let’s get this over with. Uhh, hi there. I’m Stinger.

(Hercules shake Stringer pincher)

Hercules: Well, howdy stranger! I’m Hercules. I’m a Kosmoceratops. It’s nice to meet you. Wanna say hello to the rest of the group?

Stinger: Oh, I love to but-

(Hercules rang the bell)

Hercules: Hey every ceratopsian. Come say hello to my new friends!

Stinger(looks behind him): Eep!

(Every ceratopsian ran over Pip and Stinger to the tables)

Stinger: What’s all this about, Hercules?

Hercules: It’s the annual Goodday celebration. Where every year, we watch Goodday roars out the Sun to come up. You’re gonna love it, Stinger. By the way, say hello to a Triceratops, Diabloceratops, Zuniceratops, Eotriceratops, Anchiceratops, Arrhinoceratops, Albertaceratops, Achelousaurus, Leptoceratops, Brachyceratops. (breath ins)
Zeus, Megara, and Granny Ceratops. Hey, Granny! Come say hello to my new friend!

Granny Ceratops(wakes up): Huh? What? Nice to meet you, eight legged insect.

Hercules: You’re one big part of my family, Stinger. Please help yourself.

Stinger: Wow. That’s uhh… one big family or cousins you got there. Well l love to, but I best be off now.

Megara: But don’t you want to stay for the festival?

(Megara shows her cute eyes)

Stinger: Aww, I love too, but I got more stuff to do in this “town”.

(Everyone looks down)

Stinger(annoyed): Fine! I’ll stay.

(Every ceratopsians cheers)

That’s it. The full episode is not planned as I try to make the dialogue sense. I hope you like it.