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My luck is absurd


These are my top contenders at my current level 33…
(PS; I only spent money on the VIP Membership.)

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Aahhh the good old days , when creatures you fought were at an attainable level, cherish the moments…

For dark days lie ahead:


Your luck is absurd?
Wait till you play Jurassic World Alive.
Already do? My work here is done.


Referring to dark days…here is your worst nightmare.


Ludia: Hey, I see you got a level 30 super-hybrid monostegotops. Let’s give you a chance to use it.


Wow, I can really appreciate that, since I’m a very new player too… although MY luck sucks. Either that or the game just purposely likes to land spins one spot away from the best prize (it did this twice during the Gorgosaurus tournament…can you imagine getting that pack when you have only been playing for a couple weeks?!) It also seems like the AI is incredibly intelligent about knowing exactly what you are playing, I was really glad to hear the PvP was indeed just bots as I find it very hard to beat when the dinos are evenly matched, and I didn’t think I was doing that badly. That’s when it doesn’t throw me out of the game in the middle, I only play battles on my iPad now as it seems to be so unstable even on my brand new Samsung S10 phone, I lost a lot of dino bucks trying to complete missions due to the PvP crashing in the middle so often (and keeping your money anyway).

Would be great if there was a beginner’s forum for those of us that are just working our way through the game and learning the ropes. I know to people that have been playing a long time our concerns and brags seem quaint.


Everybody has to start somewhere. There are lots of good threads on here to help with darn near everything; you just have to scroll a lot. The key to winning PvP is counting: know your multipliers, and know how much action points your opponent has, how many you have, how many hits your dino can take without dying and block according, etc. Build up reserve! But I repeat things that others have better said in other threads if you care to find them.

Welcome to the game. I hope it’s a source of great fun. Go slow. Keep your dinosaurs about the same level. If one or two get ahead of the rest in terms of ferocity, you’re dead in the water.


Welcome to the game, feel free to ask questions and like what @HanSoloWannaBe said there is lots of information on the forums to be explored and taken in.


Thanks yeah I had started by looking in the “Help” forum but quickly realized that’s about 95% posts about game technical issues. But it would be nice to just have a place to chat with other newbies without having to search through dozens of posts to find them, it’s not just about finding help.

I have been following the tips I’ve read on here about PvP which definitely have been helpful, but I definitely am not perfect at keeping track of action points my opponent has. Not that I don’t try! If it wasn’t timed I’d probably be sitting there with a notepad in hand to keep track. I do usually keep my lineups similar, that was definitely a really good thing to learn about, just need more in my non-land creatures to match them up better. I probably should keep track of my wins and losses because I probably am doing better than I think I am. I just think I should always win against a bot. :wink: