My luck?


I have fused DNA into this thing 12 times and this is all I got to show for it. I have gotten a 10 every time except twice I got 20s. 32 of that DNA is from when Indo was the event dinosaur. It immediately escaped then, so i couldn’t collect much. Ive watched youtubers get 40s and 50s when they fuse this thing. Been playing since global launch and still no indoraptor for me.


It took me 19 fuses to create it :tired_face: it’s level 22 with 80/150 for level 23 so that’s 410 dna I’ve created (20dna from event) and I’ve had a total of 4 20s and one 30 :frowning:️ Therefore 30 times I’ve fused ten :joy::joy::joy:


@Heather … so it was an even 20 from the event?
You sure that’s the right number? :thinking: :slight_smile:


Don’t make me fight you :joy:




I think I’ll refrain from sharing my fuses here :grimacing:




12 fusions with 10 10s and 2 20s. I didn’t include the 2 fusions I did this morning and got 10s on both.


I wrote the post, then went to take the screenshot, did the 2 fusions, took screenshot, didn’t edit the post.