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My luckiest fusing run .. ever! (Hatching Erlidom)

Before seeing all the heartache over golden chickens being absent from featured events, I never really appreciated how much of a unicorn it was for most players. I just knew that if my opponent had one, there was a good chance I was gunna lose… so obviously I had to make my very own :sweat_smile:

I don’t live in L3 but I do pass by two of them fairly regularly (one otw to my gym and another otw to the part of town where the mall/movie theatre/Walmart/Costco are) I’ve gotten fairly lucky at bumping into them and with practice, decent at darting them too…

That being said, these guys are still notoriously evasive in the wild. As a Christmas treat to myself, I spent $100 to buy two of the 15k JWA cash offers and subsequently used much of it on 20+ Epic scents at the right place in the right time to get my golden chicken supply up…

Here’s the stroke of luck that followed:

This guy is still super fragile and way too easily one-shotted to use in the arena right now… but in time (and the inclusion of Erlik-1 in the Fast week, Ludia: wink wink nudge nudge) I hope that can change.

what’s the consensus on this unique? Good? Bad? Too weak? Too hard to make? Etc…


TBH it is the best unique in the game. Not many counters to it and it can survive even with it’s low hp. It is a 50/50 crap shoot against some other uniques. But it can leave and come back to kill again


Completely agree with @Idgt902
It has to be at level or it’s a liability but if you have it correctly leveled it’s a death bringer.

It reminds me that old time full of cheaters where they all have erlidominus… Wait :thinking:


I was a little concerned about splitting Rex 3 ways, but indo seems to be holding its own at 27 and tryko is limited by anky for me… so I may be able to level this guy up until another armored event pops up.

Haha, man… I’ve seen a couple level 28+ Erlidoms with maxed Trykos and Indos as well and started wondering where I went wrong :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile: this guy is going to take a long long time before it catches up to the rest of the team (if it ever will)

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I usually lvl whatever I have available. TBH I have been pushing for erli over tryko as of late. Just because I keep getting beat by it

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Lol same here bro!
You can only lose to the same Dino so many times before you ask yourself if you should put one on the team too.
(Haha the exact reason why I ended up making Thor)

Hopefully you get a decent chunk in a couple weeks to help the process!!

*I agree about tryko btw… after a certain point, I don’t feel like it would make any difference if it was one level higher (obvi not in the tryko vs tryko case :joy:, but otherwise)


Sadly I’m not in a L5 so I can only get a few T-rex now (thanks ludia! We need it for 3 uniques and a top legendary and yet it’s one of the rarest…) and erli is nowhere to be found around me… Stockpiling kentro and ankylo…


I wouldn’t sweat the L5 locals,
They’re definitely frustrating to come across in the arena… but how meaningful is their Win really ?

Like playing super Mario with a cheat that keeps Star Power going all the time … just not the same
(Pardon the nerdy reference)


i stopped reading after you said $100 sorry lol

I’m pretty sure you made it to the bottom @Pateradactyl, but okay :wink:

How much pee came out during those fuses?


im sorry lol i thought spending on this game went extinct like the dinos. congrats on your erlid they truly are beasts. im lucky to see the golden chicken more often butnot often enough

Does this mean I can go round bad mouthing YOUR chicken now :wink: seriously though congratz!! Hope to join you one dayy. SD4E :raised_hands:

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Tbh, I’d like it to go back into being balanced to 126 speed.

The only reason I can think of why they buffed it to 129 speed is Diloracheirus, which does need a nerf as well… But yeah, Ludia logic.

That being said, I love this hybrid’s design and kit… Just 129 speed AND speedup strike seems more than unnecessary.

Unless it’s a Draco gen 2

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Hahaha yes!! :raised_hands:t4:
Never Draco -Gen 2… ever :sweat_smile:

(And I agree @Raven, a speed buff in a dino with speed-up Strike is superfluous… it’d make much more sense to just fix the green chicken ImO :wink:)


Congrats Hersh buddy! Jealous of those golden chicken dna. I’ll be able to get erliko to lvl 20 with enough dna left for 1 fuse after this tournament. Maybe I’ll get lucky with update I can get a 250 fuse and one shot it that way. The only good epic I got going in my area is ourano.

See you in a friendly!


@DinoL3o thanks so much!
Haha, sorry about that btw… somehow I’m always on the road when you send them :man_facepalming:t4:

Just join the green chicken gang Hersh you know you want to!! :chicken:

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Lol, if I did, who would give you guys all your Diloph and deinoch! :sweat_smile::hugs: