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My map is empty (SOLVED)


Me too. Now that update happened it’s no longer intermittent and not loading anything on map but empty roads.


With the new update, I am noticing after I dart dinosaurs, when the map page comes back up, it’s blank. A map doesn’t reload supply points and dinosaurs as it used to. I have to move away a quarter of a mile before the map reloads. Even After switching apps to try to get the map GPS to reset, that also doesn’t work to reset the mat. Please fix. I tried changing language settings and it didn’t work for me.


If they continue to ignore me I expect full reimbursement for my investment in this game. Still can’t explore at all and missing important strike event.


Emailed twice. Still NOTHING!


This is just what started happening to me. It’s frustrating…


I find that when it goes blank all of a sudden when outside, it sometimes help to switch page to another app then back then to the app again, and then finally back once more. Not the most elegant solution, but it’s something at least.

Most other times when the whole things is just blank and refuse to ever show, a reinstall is sadly the only solution. Something messed up in the code perhaps, I dunno. I just saw what worked for me.


My wife’s Android phone had a problem with the creatures disappearing, but also with the game freezing up entirely and not responding. Out of desperation, we tried clearing the application’s cache and it WORKED! No more lockups.

To clear cache on an android phone select “settings” (the gear cog), choose “Apps and Notifications” and then “App Info”. Scroll down to the “JW Alive” app, touch “Storage” and look at your cache size. If it is over 40 MB you probably have serious performance issues.

Touch the “Clear Cache” button on the upper right to return the cache to a normal size of zero.


Hey 6foot5shark, could you send me a private message on the forum of the email address you used to contact our support team and your support key? I’d be happy to check on this for you.


I am having exactly the same issue. It’s now like this for 4 days. I’ve been sending messages via the help function at least daily, without getting any reply…