My matches still haven't come back?

Sooo 2 of my matches have been gone for 2 freaking months already? Does it usually take this long?
Also are we only allowed to match with certain characters because I’ve been swiping right on minjae every time I see him and I’ve yet to match with him.

If your already matched with Liam Parks you can’t match with his counterpart who is Min Jae ( they have the same story )

Ooh ok thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

I have a heap that have been offline for over 3months now.

I currently have 21 grayed out. They brought in Nick who is great! But when I first started this game I was spending so much money and was super engaged and always excited to play and now it’s kind of died out just waiting. They bring back one person (or bring in someone new that’s gone in two days) on Tuesday’s and another on Thursday. Bringing in two people a week for a max of like … 4 days of content (if you’re interested in them) a week isn’t enough. They’re kind of just letting a good app die.


This is, unfortunately, VERY common. I have many matches who have been gone for over two months. You can only match with one character per storyline for a maximum of about 25 characters; storylines are shared between typically two, but one is shared by three, characters. Many characters in the pool also don’t have content yet released for them so it’s impossible to match with them, and there are about 10 or so I want to say.

I would still kinda like to know the justification for ONLY bringing ONE person back a week & adding in a new one where there are over two dozen people waiting for an update :sweat_smile:

Honestly, who knows why other than my guesses of they don’t want to release too much at once and this is their attempt at staging character returns, or they truly don’t have enough content to bring back more than 1-2 characters at a time. Either way, it leads to very little to do very quickly.

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I’m still waiting on mine to return not even one has yet hopefully soon

In the three months I’ve been playing I’ve had Sam, Rory & Sheng come back. Everyone else has gone gray and stayed gray :sweat_smile:

:open_mouth: Hope that will change for everyone so they can get back to thare story line

I’m so tired of waiting. I only have 2 characters left is not yet gray and I have 30 matches and those 2 remaining matches aren’t even interesting…

Also maybe there’s not enough people to do the coding to put the conversations into the game too combined with a not always completely stable server. Honestly one simple message back and forth in game actually takes a lot of coding. Adding code the existing code for characters that already have some conversation going can be difficult at times because the code has to be checked extremely carefully to make sure that it doesn’t make the existing code glitch.

It can tacke longer for matches to return to us but I know that they are doing thare best we just all need to have lots of patience with them they do thare best with Christmas coming up people are very busy with stuff but adventhley it will happen

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