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My matchmaking solution :)

Ludia decides befor that I should lose, should I be encouraged to buy incubators this way? This is ridiculous. After a handful of won games, there are following hundreds of unfair fights which cannot be won.

I dropped 1000 trophies and have 9 level 10 Dinos and one lvl 26 Thor in my team now. I destroying so much lower players now :smiley: It feels bad but that’s what ludia wants. A total matchmaking havoc.

Yes ludia you could easy choose 4 Dino’s out of the 8, then compare the strength and then find a faire fight where it depends what attack compilation and Dino changes you use… but no don’t do it. Keep the rigged matchmaking havoc.


It’s the peter principle.
If you can only beat weaker opponents, you are exactly where you need to be.

the same thing happened to me all the time in the arena, really sucks
but i don’t think i’m going to drop arenas, maybe i just gonna leave the game

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I went from top of aviary beating fairly matched teams two weeks ago, to getting crushed by lower level highly boosted teams at the bottom of aviary now.

Taking a break from this… I’ll find a different game.

You can’t explain this type of matchmaking without it being deliberate.


It’s insane!! :slight_smile: