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My Methods For Countering Flocks

Since we all know that Flocks are very strong, I decided to share my methods for countering them. These will be applied specifically to:

  • Compsognathus
  • Archaeopteryx
  • Coelurosauravus
  • Coelhaast

And mostly in a skill tournament setting as I can’t really test these too well outside of that.

Counter #1: Indoraptor Gen 2

As much as I hate to say it, Cautious Strike is a proper Godsend here.

We all know how much stuff this move has tacked onto it, and the amount of stuff makes it pretty decently effective at taking out flocks. The speed increase especially is super good, as it makes sure that you can keep ahead of those quicker iguana birds.

This is also aided by Ripper the Second being 75% resistant to distraction. It’s not a full immunity, unfortunately, but it’s very useful in dealing with flocks since so many of them work with distractions. I’ve found Indo 2 to be highly effective against the Compies in particular.

Ripper 2 is actually my go-to counter to flocks in the event that I don’t have Skoona, and is by far the simplest one to work with due to Cautious Strike spam being so brain-dead. I wouldn’t call it a 100% counter, but it’s really close to being one.

Counter #2: Mammotherium

Mammotherium is the other best option that comes into my mind when I think of flock counters. It doesn’t have the best health pool, I’ll admit, but its armor gives it a really good effective health that it can use to stave off most hits. Plus, it has healing and access to separate shields in case it needs to stall.

This is without mentioning that PFS and RI are really good at dealing with distractions (PFS to a lesser degree), and RI goes through dodge, which a majority of flocks have.

Counter #3: Scorpius Rex Gens 2 & 3

Obviously SCP 3 is better here due to Toxic Quills having the higher bleed percentage, but both will work due to the bleed. Yes, cunning moves (which I think all flocks have) will cleanse it, but not before the bleed deals them a hefty amount of damage.

Both can also sustain themselves pretty alright against most flocks thanks to Critical Ambush and Camouflage.

Counter #4: Skoonasaurus

Group moves are the name of the game here, and not only does the houseboat have two, but it also has (arguably) the best counter in the game. Plus, one of its group moves is instant.

This is also taking into account its massive health pool and really good armor stat, making Skkonasaurus really good for soaking up and then dishing out damage to flocks.

*Counter #5: Testacornibus

Not super great due to its lack of group moves, Testa makes up for that with access to devastation and deceleration, both of which make for pretty alright hits. The Counter Heal is what gets the most credit, though, and so do both Dig-In and O-E Heal since so many Flock users (especially Compies)love swapping around.

Counter #6: Ankylodicurus

This thing is basically immune to distraction, and has ways around all of the dodging elements of the flocks due to its moveset. It also has great armor, some nice shields and a pretty good health stat to help it stay strong.

I had to put at least one epic counter to Flocks, after all.

If you have any others, I’d love to know them. Some possible ones i have in mind are:

  • Quetzorion (distraction immune, dodge bypassing, invincibility)
  • Dioraja (counter attacks, distraction cleansing and dodge bypassing)

Poukan does great vs them.
Has the group attack which is like cautious strike but without the precision, however it does give you 100% dodge for 2 turns.
Also the counter is great to finish off a flock member.


Flocks are a good counter to flocks as many of them have a target all enemies move.

Do you mean scorp 1&3?
Because gen 2 doesn’t have bleed or camouflage while gens 1&3 do

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Honestly, what can’t skoona counter?

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Yep, sorry. 1 & 3.

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I don’t recommend Scorpius as a counter to Compy - Compy just uses the basic strike and bam, bleed has gone. They’re also 100% stun resistant, so that won’t work either. It’s actually pretty terrible against them.

I also recommend Poukan - they can cleanse the distraction moves AND perform group damage. They can also dodge or distract the higher damage.


As a noob, I can say that I rely on my doedicurus for dealing with flocks when possible. The shield and armor takes care of most damage and each member of the flock is usually wiped out in one decelerating rampage.


Megalonyx and diorajasaur do well! and maybe tryko

That’s only if Scorpius is faster. Against a flock with a cleansing move available you should be avoiding buffing your speed, so you go second and take out 2 flock members (unless they stalled to dodge) in one hit before they can cleanse.