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My Most One-Sided Loss to Date

Found myself in a crazy situation yesterday; I came up against an insanely boosted Thor which was faster than everything on my team and ended up one-shotting every dino.

That was the first and only time I’ve ever been in a situation where I never got to make a move - crazy!

And some people say Stat Boosts aren’t ruining the game…
I’ve suffered many heavy defeats in my time, but never one where I literally couldn’t make an attack!

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Blame the match maker, you shouldn’t be matched againt such monster.

Not sure how you distribute speed among your fast dino if you have at least speed tier 4, you shouldn’t have problem against speed boosted Thor.


I had the same thing happen two nights ago. L30 completely destroyed my team.

I was matched up with full lvl 30 team multiple times today, and their trophies are only 4500-ish. I’m at 5200 and my team is like 29x2 28x2 27x2 26x2. I drop 300 today.

Welcome to the “Exploit Victims” club.
I faced one of these yesterday. 3 shots. My indoraptor dodge and erlidominus cloak didn’t help me.
My average team level is 22 and average boost tier 4.

Maybe the matchmaking is working fine, but there’s one thing it must not taking to calc:
if a player has 1 dino super bombed boosted and the rest of team not, the final calc has chance to match yours. Because all team average match. But if the “1-superdino” player starts with that beast, you have no chance at all. Your only chance would be finish that superdino, then the rest of battle should be easier. But you DON’T have this chance against if the superdino is something like thor.

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But if they don’t draw that super dino they’re almost guaranteed a loss… so is putting all your boosts into one monster the best strategy? (Let’s not even talk about exploiters who can do this to several dinos… our best bet is winning the match lottery and not encountering them).

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That happened to me at least five times in the first week of boosts, and each time, it was some Thor three or four levels below mine (to say nothing of it being faster than the rest of my speed players) and the absurd trophy calcs handed me 34-60 point losses. “Oh, you spent months grinding to get your Thor to L28? Yeah, we’re going to give players a shortcut to an OP Thor, AND, to add insult to injury, we’re gonna add a multiplier to the points loss.”

true :smiley: but the fact that against most of the players they don’t have the OP dino in their team does not make me happier when I lose against a super boosted beast :S

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why the trophies lost/won aren’t fixed number?

example: loose/win 50 every battle or whatever number.

why have to be a complex calculation, being changed every month?

Met a Thor with 4000+ health, 1860 damage, and 127 speed last night. I took it out with luck and a green chicken, but I still lost horribly. They also played a Dracocera whose DSR did 2400 damage. I’m in Ruins, btw.

I just faced a Dracoce-RAT-OP in Aviary where he did exactly 3666 damage in SIDSR.


How can that be fun? To boost Thor and 1 hit your way to a win every time. It is sad to play a game for fun but have to use all your boost on 1 Dino, I have kill boosted Thor’s and the rest of the team had no boost it is sad, but when you can’t win with skill…

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If Draco gets nerfed and si DSR gets taken away,
or if Thor gets the monomimus treatment, the amount of boosts just gone down the drain will be amazing… but don’t worry, you will be able to buy more in the store by then…

Draco needs a nerf though, those who heavily invest in that dino should know better. Easiest tyrant to get by far. Infact easiest legendary to get lol.

This is what I go through 9/10 times in arena. Put 1 hit on my dino swap in DC regenerate (use rampage once if the dino can’t 1 shot it) Rinse and repaet. Then they have two dinos down. And you’re left hoping a 1 shot dino who can crit is in the line up. This is literally all I see. There is no variation.

You said it yourself. That is the “one” and only time. Yes you are going to run into boosted dinos just like people who battle you will run into your favorite boosted dino. It can suck to come across these type dinos but we have the ability to boost our counters.

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I’ve been up 2 - 0 in matches where they bring out a huge damage boosted Thor as their third, and then sweep me.

How do you counter a dinosaur that has enough damage to one shot your speedsters with a non crit, has a 40% crit chance and a priority stun?

Bring out Erlidom if it’s still alive? You have to cloak because you won’t survice a single hit, and when you do cloak you have to double dodge because first they use either impact or DSR if it’s up, then if you dodge that, you need to dodge the instant charge…

If they bring it out first sure you have a chance to kill it, and hope they don’t also h e boosted rat, which lets face it, they will.

But if they bring it out 2nd or 3rd you’re toast!

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The best strategy is to make 2 super dinos, not one. With one you will win 50% battles. With 2 you will win 75% …

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I was testing whatever this exploit exist. I had put the super-Thor in i team of fast low-level raptors. I was paired with unique-pure boosted opponent killing everything including super-Thor. 5 times. The algorithm must have some check to avoid this strategy …

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