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My mvps

This is kind of a trip down memory lane for some of my mvps for my team.

Postosuchus: I don’t know why, when I used posto back in the day, he was really strong, adrenaline pulse was super useful as it healed and increased attack, and paired with DSI, it was a MONSTER.

Spinotahraptor: I used spinotahraptor prior to 2.0 meaning it had one advantage, Distracting rampage. This along with critical impact and gashing wound made it my best anti chomper, It could destroy a t-rex, even a tyrannolopho, I only dropped it because I needed a quicker and tankier speedster.

Rajankylo: this may come as a surprise to you but my ranjakylo was a beast, for some reason it seems like it specializes in killing uniques, Whenever an erlidom is facing it, even prior to 2.0, it would destroy it, same with pterovexus.

Indoraptor: I got indoraptor just after 2.0 dropped which was kind of a disadvantage, this didn’t mean it was bad, it was one of my best, usually could get in at least one knockout, but when 2.1 dropped, it turned into a monster, I have it boosted to 3571hp, 1270atk, and 132 speed, it is easily my strongest creature, Now it can usually get 2 knockouts and a big hit before dying, no joke I have took out dios with this thing.

Anyone else here have or had weird mvps that shouldn’t be incredibly strong but they are?

Ok my Tenontorex and Gemini would 2 shot your indo he’s not that good :slight_smile:

he’s only 22, and I’m in estate, but he still can beast mode everything it sees.


I’m in Aviary and my Indo is an unboosted monster and has been on my team since sorna marshes and I have never removed him. He took a huge blow getting DSR replaced with APR but he’s still one of my top killers. My second MVP would be my nemys which I got not too long ago and is the greatest thing to enter my team since indo. He’s a tanky beast that has helped me take out maximas and I’m so happy to have him.

Indoraptor is my go-to for strike events and it can kill most AI teams by itself, but if it does die, then I bring out the old velociraptor. Most teams cannot get past the combo of common and unique.