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My naive thoughts about boosts

Since the introduction of boosts I thought something like that could be interesting when applied on lvl 30 dino’s, but to avoid sooner than that. Why? Because I liked the very simple and strong connection between hunt labor and getting a stronger team. I understood that teams of all lvl 30’s could be boring after a while and at that stage boosts could keep things fun and lively. So, isn’t there a way to combine those two thoughts?

What if … boosts could only be used when you’re in a match where both your team of 4 dino’s, selected out of 8, as the opponent’s team of 4 consist of all lvl 30’s. In my ideal scenario boosts are not assigned to a fixed dino, but you can hand them out to your 4 dino’s at the start of the battle. How much boosts? At most 10 boosts more than the number of boosts your opponent has.

Wouldn’t that create an interesting and rather fair battle field? Most players can play boost free again, as already asked for so long, and in the endgame people won’t even feel the difference with the current situation.
One immediate problem is of course the number of boosts sold. I could naively hope that Ludia thinks that bying boosts for 4 totally max boosted dino’s is enough, but I’m a little bit afraid of that.
So maybe, we have to near a bit Ludia’s greedy fingers: we assign our boosts (the same as mentioned above) also fixed to some dino’s, actually exactly the same as in the current game. These boosted dino’s can then be used in some other activities: campaign battles, strikes who may become harder, creating some more need to possess boosts, perhaps also some kind of tournaments, perhaps the new co-op stuff, …
But at least arena can be FUN again for sooo many people.

Please, throw out your ideas. There has to be a way satisfying Ludia, whales, the thousand of other players. There just has to…

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An idea to seriously think about

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I hate boosts with a passion. If it was top arena only, I probably wouldn’t be able to get worked up about them. Never getting there anyway. :+1:

Boosts should never have been implemented in 1.7. Ludia had too many things to do before Boosts were needed for end game content.

My idea for boosts was always half what we is the current system from the onset. Meaning no 1.0 and 2.0. Just Boosts. 1% per boosts capped at 20 boosts per stat. Every level you have 1 boost to add. Max 30 boosts. Speed boosts add 1 speed per boost. Each boost is 50 boost items. That will make boosts useful but not overpowering. Customisable without negating actual lvling.

Co-Op and multi-fuse were always needed more than boosts. Maybe I am thinking of myself then being top 250 and having a long way to go to having a full team of 30 so I felt boosts were too early.

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Indeed, boosts came way too early. Moreover I really believe they are not needed at all to have fun, varying battles, except maybe in the endgame, where everyone would have the same strongest lvl 30 creatures; that could become stale. But as I read a lot on this forum, let’s assume boosts are here to stay. So, in my proposal I tried to make sure that boosts still give you a lot of advantages, but those advantages are mostly situated outside the PvP (arena). The arena itself will be boost free, until you are approaching the end game. Then there will be some kind of transittion zone where boosts gradually come in the picture, ending in an endgame with the same fully boosted dino’s as now.

The pros I see,are:

  • There is just one arena, not a boosted apart from an unboosted.

  • Droppers may dare their dropping acts, but think about what happens when they try to climb back; no more making use of their ridiculously havy boosted teams; they have to fight their way back up with relatively fair battles probably taking too much effort. I think it’s pretty save to say that dropping won’t be an issue anymore.

  • We are finally free again to use the creatures we want in PvP: no longer forever anchored to that small amount of dino’s we have happened to boost.

  • The balancing of the dinos matters thoroughly again in PvP over the entire arena, simply because we finally use again the stats they were given, whithout the boost alterations.

  • We never ever fight a team with more than or less than 10 boosts difference, so no more extravagantly boosted opponents (in respect with your own boost lvl).

  • Ludia is happy because selling boosts is still a big deal (here Ludia just have to create their own opportunities to make it beneficial for us to have well boosted teams to shine in co-op stuff, strikes (oh boy Ludia could work on those…), …

  • The top will for the most part still be played max boosted

So, who wouldn’t like to play thís game? :yum: