My name got banned

Ive been playing the JWA since it came out. My player name is KatvonHacke which is my name Kat von Hacke. Tonight I pulled the game up and I had a warning message telling me my name violated the guidelines of the game…

So my name is offensive? How? I find it offensive that someone has a problem with my actual name.

Anyone else find a way around having to change their non-offensive name?

Probably too closer to hacker, which is more than likely a filter word that throws up a flag. Dont take it personal lol just change it

Hope an admin sees your post and corrects this.
Your name is in no way offencive. Probably just their automatic algorithms bugging you and they have no control over it.

i flagged your username, very sorry.

i’m allergic to kats.


Seriously dude?

I figured it out. I read up on their name guidelines and evidently you are not allowed to have your REAL name on there…

fine… I will be IceBear…

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Had the same thing happen to me but instead of a warning, they simply made me guest to all my friends and opponents