My names been moderated?

Had this come up on the start up screen saying name was against Ludia policy name I was using was(Jonglow) but no explanation to why so had to change it to the one below :thinking:

The name I normally use for gaming was blocked when I tried to sign up and it’s not even an offensive name.

whatever happened? Mine just flagged. KatvonHacke. It is my first and last name… How is it offensive? I made a post about it and my post got flagged…

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Lol. Thats crazy. Perhaps the bot thought your name sounds too similar to “hacker”? Anyhow, their filter is becoming rediculous. This post will probably be flagged too because i used the above term.

Might be a player that lost to you is a sore loser and reporting you maybe? I’ve seen it happen in mmorpg that I’ve played.

My name got flagged today. I submitted a support case and no reply. My name was ‘zack’ so I guess it was offensive to those who spell it with an ‘h’?

Hi @krullnugget, I can’t clearly see your screenshot but since you have already submitted your ticket, please allow our support team some time to get back to you. Please refrain from updating your ticket, as in this way it will maintain its position in the queue. They’ll help you clarify why your name is being moderated!

I think I had accidentally flagged some of my friends or Alliance member because the Chat / DNA donation page is so buggy.

Sometimes when I want to scroll through it, a player’s info pops up and I’d accidentally clicked on the report button. I hope it is not automatic.