My neighborhood map is gone

My neighborhood used to have a couple dinosaurs, supply drops, and even strike events. Now there’s nothing at all until I leave my neighborhood. If anyone cam help me with issue it would be greatly appreciated.

Do you still see your marker and the streets, but see no towers or dinos near you?
Does your marker move along with you in the “empty zone”?

Yes it does. My marker moves with me but nothing else is visible or spawning until I get out of my neighborhood.

I have entered a ticket with Ludia Support and I have reported the same thing.
I see my marker moving on the map, and the streets move to track me closely.
However, I see no supply drops or dinosaurs in some locations for hours.

The only thing I found which temporarily solves this is uninstalling the game and re-installing it.
What phone do you run the app on? I’m on an iPhone 8.

I run it on a Samsung galaxy S9. And I’m using a guest account so I can’t exactly uninstall and reinstall

These map troubles are starting to get really annoying. I experience them too. Even after downloading the google map around me for about 300 kilometers. I experience them on iPad 2018 that has 2 ram memory. If this is not fixed in 1.8 the app is so messed up that it does not deserve to be in the stores (google or apple) for download. Especially because iPhone 6 has become unable to play from. As soon as you do something else in JWA for example darting a Dino or battling you risk the map to become empty. The ‘I am not a driver’ message also causes this. Having to reinstall the app is not a solve when your walking or traveling. It is to large to download without WiFi.

This is indeed annoying. Unfortunately quite common. Since 4 weeks ago, i have to uninstall the game and reinstall to resolve this problem…atleast once a week. Crazy!

Dear ludia. I have been told that in order to solve a bug in my game I must uninstall and reinstall the game. However I’m using a guest account and dont want to lose my progress. Can you help me uninstall and reinstall without losing any of my progress. Thanks.

I could try uninstalling and reinstalling but I’m using a guest account and I don’t want to lose all my progress