My new battle mode

So you know how there is a mode a JWTG where you have to fight 9 creatures, what happens if some towers so that, you must fight 9 creatures with only 4 creatures? Example if the theme is fierce it will be lv2 allo, lv3 tarbo, lv5 nunda, lv7 ente, lv8 irri , lv9 bary G2, lv11 OG bary, lv12 posmetro, lv15 irri G2
This is an example, but I would love it :heart_eyes:.


A very good idea
I was thinking of a new pvp game mode where it’s a 2v2 and you don’t have 4 creature but 8

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Nice idea. I like it.

I suggested it somewhere in this forum before, and I might as well suggest it again since this is a similar idea. How about instead of 9 creatures, why not make an endless one. The more creatures defeated, the better the rewards become.


This and infinite boss battles (and unboosted arena lol) should be in JWA for sure

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