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My new discord server

The title technically tells you all.

Note: This is not a Jwa alliance discord and @MINMI I will not leave the goose gang alliance.

My new discord server is a place to chat about JWA stuff, memes, make friend in game(s), and Livestream games.

I technically took many famous forum topics and put them together in a discord server.

Chat about JWA: Raid strats, make in game friends, Livestream

Make friends: Make friends for raids in Jwa and make friends in dragon city or any other games.

Livestream: Literally anything

It is your opinion if you wanna join.

I will post new stuff on the server about any new stuff.

Have fun :smile:

I don’t know if I mentioned this but your are more than welcome to stream whenever you want.

Note: Anything off the topic of the stream will result in a warning

If you guys need a new link here you go