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My new Idea for Hybrid

My favourite Metriaphodon.It look SICK.You can do this next update and also release Metricanthosaurus.It will be Legendary.Dimorphodon has no hybrids so that will be cool.Moveset-Fierce Strike,Fierce Impact,Fearless Flap and Swoop with Swap In Wound.That’s COOL.


Dimorphodon does have a hybrid,Dimodactylus(epic,both lvl 10)
Metria a legendary?like Para lux?

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If metriacanothosaurus is an epic then I think it can be a legendary, and I believe dimorphodon has a hybrid with tupandactylus lol creating dimodactylus

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Yeah but it’s no use.Whenever I fight against it,it’s either 2 hit or 1 hit KOed

if ur talking about dimodactylus being useless, it still has potential in a good hybrid, if it gets a hybrid actually, since ludia seems to have forgotten about its existance