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My nightly crew is always so disappointing

Ludia has to be playing a joke on me :joy: there’s 9 of these things surrounding me right now. Pro tip: try mixing up the Dino spawns, I never used to have this problem until recently. It’s always a huge bummer opening the game and seeing this every single night. :persevere:


I know what you mean. All I see is succamimus around me. No deverse nightlife.


Night players have been getting burnt forever. Have you ever compared the list of night only spawns to the list of day only spawns? It’s pretty broken.

It’s not just day vs night spawns either, spawns in general are broken. it’s like every single zone is at least 70% the same dino, over and over.

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I see nothing but suchomimus day and night. There used to at least be paras but even they’ve been edged out. It is massively disheartening.


At least suchomimus is useful in certain way. I’m surrounded by stupid, useless Diplos :frowning:

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well, i usually get carno and rex. few barys