My observation from recent battle stats


top 3 is a group.

rank 3- 10 another

rank 11-30 next

rank 31-80 mixed together ( where exactly you will be, depends on the team arrangement in each battle, which means by luck)

if someone wants to break into higher groups…must pay handsomely to collect GOOD DNAs.


Money is what keeps the game going and gives us updates and new features. Without paying customers, we’d still be playing v1.2 until it dies.


i did pay too much…(crying) now slow down a little bit


Sounds like it’s not worth trying anymore, what would be the point?


the game is full of fun…but need to strike a balance between personal finance and the game

so drive more outside to hit the dart to save money even the gasoline is going up…still more cost efficient


I payd like 3000 euros in first month, and really dont give me nothing for end game, i advanced more just grinding and patiente, doing all events and eventualy buying coins for leveling good hybrids, i stay in vip but Incubators are overpriced for 5000 bucks 390 epic random dna, wtf, thats is 2 encounter of epic for a lvl 20 like me


i burned quite a lot for the first 2 months until u reminded me last time. now i only keep the vip…