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My Official Stance on Unlimited Speed Boosts

Just to clarify because right now, there is A LOT of confusion RE: speed boosts, specifically those not coming from the in-game shop.

During the beta for 1.7, all three boosts were available in the shop on a limited basis (I think it was 1x per week). BUT from the dino stat page, we were able to purchase additional boosts at a much higher price than was was offered in the store. IIRC, you had to purchase enough boosts to get to the next tier and those boosts were automatically allocated to the figure they were purchased for. There was no option to just purchase 25 to be used on any other figure from the figure stat page. The only time I was able to purchase general boosts was from the in-game store.

Since there were/are so many specific qualifying factors required to purchase the 25 speed packs from the figure upgrade screen, as was the case on Saturday, I now feel like this offer was in error.

Full disclosure, I did not realized there were specific scenarios needed to trigger the 25 for $500 purchases and picked up 2 boosts thinking it was an option which triggered the same way purchasing level up or arena graduation incubators are offered.

I’m happy to answer any questions about this but just remember, I tested the beta weeks ago and do not remember everything but I will answer as best as I can. Also, I do not work for Ludia so do not take my words as gospel.


I think it was a tiny pixel before.

Thanks for the insight!

It’s kind of off-topic but (more regarding you testing in beta), weren’t these timeout issues present during the beta testing?

This is the furthest thing from a hard to reproduce issue in any app I have ever used or developed. I would understand it being device specific, or occuring very rarely for any other reason so it slipping by. But it’s happening all the time, without exaggaration at least 70-80% of the time in my case, and from what I’ve read, it’s no better for anyone across all kinds of devices.

Was there a limit or cap on how many of each boost you could have in storage? 50 of each, 100 of each, or did no one get to the max storage allocation in Beta?

So in beta I am given a brand new account every time. Like starting the game day 1 new. I am able to purchase unlimited cash and boosters to get the account to a level where I can test out new features/dinos but I have never been able to pair up with another human when trying to battle in the arenas. I always get AI bots. So to answer your question, no, I did not experience the current timeout issues currently being experienced by everyone, including myself.


There was no way to test that. Like I said, I was able to purchase from the store at a discounted price one time per week. Additional boosts were available from the figure stat page, say T-Rex. But I was not able to just purchase random boosts. I had to purchase enough to level my T-Rex to the next tier and they were automatically allocated as such. They were also significantly more expensive buying them this way than from the shop.

I hope that makes sense.


My first instinct after being told what you speak of now about the beta at the time was that this was an error too. Once we discovered how it was reliably triggered across all devices consistently though I’m not so sure. Worse, just like you to a more limited count than many, I’m not sure exactly why a player not reading this board or elsewhere would automatically assume this offer was a bug when they bought it.

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For sure. It wasn’t until much later in the day that I realized this was most likely an error and do not fault anyone for purchasing the speed boosts because, like I said, I thought it was a “reward” offer until I found out it was only triggered by several specific conditions being met.


I understand.
That sounds like something they should do differently on the next beta. Find a way to guarantee the testing of PvP.

I also do not beta test the actual version which is released. Sometimes the beta I have will only be asking me to test specific functions or it will have content from future versions of the game not being released in the next update.

it seems now that if you achieve tier 3 and unlock the upgrade for 25 boosts the game freezes when you attempt to purchase it. (game is broken)

Was just about to post this… 5 attempts on 5 different dinos game frooze everytime.

Now the worrysome part is, for the Arena to be released in this broken state, means during the regression testing ot JWA’s QA team on the final build, they probably tested only vs AI as well. I can’t think of any other possible explanation of how could have this passed QA.

P.S. How does one become a beta tester for JWA?

i feel like closing this game and returning in a year after all the fallout has cleared.


I feel like this means the isolated the error and have blocked it in the code. I think the “offer” was not supposed to be available.

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As a software developer CEO this is Not how the cycle is supposed to evolve. We give as many people as possible to test the beta for a few weeks. Then RC1 or RC2 we take it from there. There could be further RC until deployment. Then a service pack if there are any other issues. If you follow the flow plan then there will be fewer less disappointment in the consumer base

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I used speed boosts and didn’t have a problem at all. Maybe it depends on the Dino you use it on.

Youd be a year behind an earning boosts prolly end up in Ss arcadia just trying to get incubators

well they cant reverse it now. without checking each account how will they know which refunds to give?

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but my wallet would be healthier