My opinion and possible additions to the game


Hi there, my first post but playing and reader since beta. I think the game is ok right now but with some more features would be rarwesome, like for example guilds, witch would also add a new kind of battle between them, a chat or in battle icons, maybe a trading dna system, adding friends, definitely another kind of battle like herbs vs herbs or carn vs carn would be fun, a sistem to reforge useless dna even with a 30% of efficiency and random result of the same category rare-rare common-common. Maybe the option to get the dna left if it’s less than 10, I know how flustrating can be that 1 or 5 dna left to evolve that Dino on ur team by using bucks directly, definetly we need some purpose on that 500 rank and with that I mean a weekly reward monthly or whatever but something (this also will make ppl spend more money to be on it so don’t know why not implemented jet) fix the arena system to avoid the arena drops of arena 7 players maybe a lvl bracket to avoid that lvl 5 vs Indo, or maybe the chance of legendary incub just in arena 7 would fix it and also drop the incub prizes/coins witch are mind blowing right now. Maybe a little push to vip system that right now it’s not much worth the second month. Events are just fine in both ways time and attempts (bored of ppl crying cause they can’t unlock indo or piro) biographies and baits would be good additions too. Right know I would give a 7/10 but as I said it’s just my personal opinion.
Bots can be a bit overpower at high lvls of arena 7 but without reward don’t see a reason to nerf them, they are there to stop the 5000 players wave.