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My opinion of the new boosts

So I am going to extremely blunt, and the only reason I am here is to get these ideas out my head so I can sleep. 1 boosts are now a long term goal, it will also encourge all players to improve your team by unlocking new or leveling up dinos, so no more choosing thor and boosting her to the stars unless you want a very skewed team. 2 So as of 9 hours of the update I have read multiple posts claiming they should be refunded money, because the boost market in their eyes plummeted to death. The thing is if you read Ludia’s policy, they won’t refund. But some players in my opinion decided to pull the wool over the apple and google store and got refunded. I personally believe this was wrong, first the only you can spend money in this game is getting vip or BUYING HARD CASH, you don’t directly buy boosts with money, and you can use hard cash to buy a variety of things darts, coins, speedups, and incubators. This were irritates me that people will demand a refund, get from the store and say this game is illegal because the game decided to balance it self so almost all players, well besides the people throwing temper tantrums. 3 that all the commotion about 1.10 boosts being garbage, are from people who almost never posted anything on this forum before. I understand that people will be having heartache at having to give your 5680 health and 2790 attack and 160 speed Thors because of this update or their 4670 health and 3000 attack and 139 speed Rats or their, well you get the idea, i’m Pro 1.10 BOOSTS!!!


I’m not really for or against 1.10 boosts, but I can say this is better now.

  1. “I want boosts so I will be better at pvp”
  2. “I will buy hard cash solely to buy boosts during the recent huge sale before the update”
  3. Update hits IMMEDIATELY afterward. boosts have little or no perceived effect any more
  4. “This looks like fraud, because the thing I paid real money for is suddenly nerfed into the ground”

This is from the players that aren’t thinking long term, of course. Everybody has to have it now. :smirk:
I’d rather have hard cash back and stay unboosted since the update. Leveling has gotten much more valuable


Exactly the fact they did more than one boost sell right before announcing changes shows dishonesty and that they know they won’t make anything off boosts. They one wanted more big profits off boosts before making them irrelevant

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A rebuttal:

  1. I knew my team very well before the update. I knew their health, their damage, their strengths and weaknesses and so on. I basically have to relearn everything now.

  2. While you’re totally right in saying that people who spent money could have purchased things other than boosts (like darts, incubators, etc.), it’s still true that some did put real cash into the boosts and have nothing to show for what we got. I personally feel cheated and feel I should receive compensation in the form of my money back if I cant have my original boosts.

  3. I agree that the game, overall, should be more about leveling up your creatures because it’s a map based thing that encourages you to go outside and look for stuff. However, I feel the main reason why Ludia implemented this change was that you could get boosts from daily battle incubators and put those boosts into already powerful creatures and you would have a pretty badass team. I didn’t frequently feel the need to spend money because I could save up said boosts. This update is going to force me to spend more real money on coins to upgrade my team.


I few players want money back. Most players just want the game cash back to spend on other things in JWA. Things that are now more useful than the boosts that used to be more useful than they are now.

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I get what you are saying about getting the cash back rather than the boosts, but they did that with the last boost reset and It didn’t go well. People took the opportunity to plough in so much extra money and buy more of the unlimited boosts than they had it caused a bit of an uproar.

There just isn’t a good way of doing it that wont cause complaints on the forum. This is probably the fairest.

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