My opinion on 2.17

With 2.17, there are a lot of things that I’m not too pleased with.

No. 1: New Apex

I’m sure we all have a shared opinion on this one. Why more apexes? Who asked for more? I mean, we just had a poll on another apex hybrid and that was expected. But non-hybrid apexes are the most cheatful way to direct this game. A usually op creature who requires no other work than siting on a couch and doing a raid for 5 minutes, 30 or so times and then you have it unlocked. An apex hybrid would’ve been much more acceptable, imo.

No. 2: New Abilities

This one was mind boggling. Let me start with this one:

Like, really? Ludia makes a mechanic called Frenzy and doesn’t even name the abilities with this mechanic accordingly? This is a devastation with 0 turn delay. And it distracts. I am blown away.

This is a whole new mechanic and they don’t even introduce it. Full Immunity? This is like adding resistances temporarily. Insane.

Not sure if a flock has this ability, but it is op. A counter heal of one flock member? No thanks. If I could think of a more op move, it would be this.

Alert Scramble?

Doesn’t exist.

No. 3: Buffs.

They said they’d receive buffs. They said they would receive some love.

Trykosaurus? Still just as bad. Devour strike is very weak.

Tenontorex? Didn’t need devour heal, needed decel. Devour is for fierce, right, tenonto is wildcard.

Utarinex? Good, but distracting impact would have been better than DIaR.

Diloracherius? Ha! He didn’t need one anyways! The healing doesn’t really do anything, dilo just needs the heal to take in big hits. And for the Hp buff? Illegal HP. Sure this angers @Rat_the_Utarinex.

I’m usually not one accustomed to swearing, but if I was, this would be it.

I’m not so mad as I am sad. JWA used to be a great game! I’m just sad to see the disorganization, change in meta, and overall quality totally plummet. Just wish it was a bit smaller.

Update 2.17


Reinforcing Cower is a swap in, not a counter.


So it is. My mistake.


As 2.1x patches come out, I feel this game needs a 3.0 to completely save the game.

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It’s a Pterosaur. Probably gonna suck. Heck it doesn’t even have a rampage.

It has a 1 turn delay, but yes still bad.

It lasts one turn. It’s the LEAST valuable aspect of this On Escape. The other 2 things are much better and what to focus on. So no, not insane at all.

Except it also got a health and armor buff. Not what it needed, but it does help it some.

Nope, not illegal. There is technically no rule, but even if there was, it would still fit as it divides by 30, which all health does. It’s just really weird.