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My opinion on 2.7

im satisfied tbh. balanced creatures, good balance changes, and unlike other people i prefer this new trophy system. my last trophy digit was 9 before, and im glad that isnt the case anymore. i also like the increased performance. there is much less lag.


I too like the new trophy system. It’s helping to balance shores and preventing the trophy spammers from getting ridiculous trophy amounts.

It also seems to be discouraging arena dropping as the people complaining the most about the new system, seem to have dropped to lower arenas to farm incubators. This new system will force them back to a competitive arena so they’re not abusing lower level players.

Well I can assure you I’m not an arena dropper. Never was, never have, never will. And this system sucks big time for me on all 3 of my accounts which reside in lower Library.

If players who have barely battled since the reset should be in the 6,000+ bracket, where will they be at present?

Or players who haven’t battled much and were at 5500?

If the algorithm is basing the win loss on trophy score, it’s any wonder I’m struggling as I could be playing people who Ludia dropped at the reset, and although I have a higher trophy score they ‘should’ be much higher!

So unless there is more to it than trophy score, I really don’t like this system one bit.

i also like the new trophy system, but according to a private convo with a player and what i assume is an amber club rep, this system was not complete and not ready to be implemented yet. there’s definitely some bugs with it.

if ludia does take this out and does a bandaid fix, i hope it’s one that allows for a net gain of trophies. it would alleviate some pressure.

@Qiew… How can this system possibly create a net gain though?

We don’t determine who we get as an opponent, so if we keep getting opponents lower than us we can’t possibly get a net gain unless we win 3 for every one we lose.

If we play an opponent who is higher and we win we get the 40 for the win, but only if they have hit a score higher than yours since the reset. But even then a couple of losses and your back down again.

We should be seeing a system that encourages growth in trophies. This system doesn’t do that at all for a player like me. Not one bit……

Now if I could choose to only play against opponents who were higher than me then that would be a different story!


i didn’t say this current system was a net gain. Just saying that if ludia takes the current one away i hope they put in a system that allows for a net gain and not the stupid 30/30 again. even a 30/25 would work as a bandaid


I would gladly except something like 30/25 or even like 35/20 with 30 being the max. Just none of this 20/40 bs thank you. 30/30 is jut boring but also not frustrating but compared to this current one it seems good.

I think 25/35 would be fine

That be soo much worse, the point is to climb not fall