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My opinion on this game

First of all, as a very nearsighted man, I really appreciate the game’s graphics being the way they are. It makes my gaming experience enjoyable, so way to go there. Second, I understand that creating content is against P2W android business model, but having played the NWN games for PC (all based on AD&D in case some kid doesn’t know), I find this game lacking… everything. I mean, it’s fun to play, it looks cool and it kinda translate de AD&D experience to android standards. My point is that if you check NWN, by the time it was released, it featured a lot more content than other games of it’s time. I expected the same on this game. I assume content is being created as I write, and eventually will catch up with nowadays games.
Third, the narration every time a room is cleared is nice. Items, spite some minor unbalancing on some of them are good and, as mentioned before, the choice of graphics mean the difference between being able to play it or not, at least to me.
Overall, the game is pretty good and as an AD&D fan it’s very existence is something enjoyable, but I expect more if it

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Very well thought out opinion but you failed to really give any ideas of what exactly you’d like to see in the future. If you are a big D&D fan then please help try to translate concepts from your own gaming experiences to this game. I’ve mentioned many things that would help bring the feel of the D&D into this game but idk if it’s even noticed. This forum doesn’t make itself vocal in what it wants or expects only in what complaints or shortcomings they find in the game. It’s hard to find any post with more than 1 or 2 likes. How do you expect the developers to listen to any ideas if the customers don’t seem interested?

I stated clearly that I would like to see more content added… What kind of content you ask? Maybe a way to get totally stucked after a few exploration. Guild dungeons… All that has been said already. That is the kind of content that’s feasible to appear in a P2W android game. Leave cool AD&D things, lore accurate, mathematically accurate things for PC games (or hope they’ll appear sometime :sweat_smile:)

In my post “gathering dust” I offered up a suggestion to help newer players that got lucky in gear pulls early on with a way to allow people access to that cool gear at lower levels that structures it in a way that doesn’t make it over powered.

In “identify & curses” I offered up an idea about introducing unidentified gear and cursed gear to help with the feel of the game. They could even use the solutions to those problems as future prizes.

In “modules and future access…” I gave content ideas for the release of future characters.

Then in “co-op mode ideas” I offered up a concept of engaging players in arena or challenge modes in parties of four players teamed together.

I even gave my impression of the hastily put together leaderboard and how it can better be implemented to help space players out into battles they don’t find unfair.

With all the ideas I’ve offered up I still have little idea whether anyone is on the same page? I hope to see a future for this game where more characters are introduced each with multiple legendary sets of gear & the explore mode turned into the basis of a tournament structure. They just need to engage with the customer base and let us know what if anything they have planned and don’t put out too much so fast that they both overwhelm players or burn themselves out of content ideas.

Well… @ApacheMayhem that’s a lot of ideas. I saw your modules and early aces topic… I replied it if I recall well. Didn’t see the others in the first few pages