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My opinion the Campaign

I just want to start out by saying; I absolutely LOVE the new Campaign mode. It’s easily becoming one of my most favorite parts of the game along side Going out and collecting DNA & Collecting dinosaurs in general. I’ve gotten up to level (node?) 57 (at the time of this post) And every reward along the way was really useful for me at least. The various rare & epic DNA allowed me to get numerous fuses off on hybrids I was struggling on, and was overall a really good help. I look forward for more levels (nodes?) Being added in future updates. :slight_smile:



Yeah campaign surprised me… in that the rewards and coins were quite useful. Multiple fuses on stuff plus set up to fuse on some i wasnt ready for.

Honestly Id pay for more campaign missions and feel much better about it then boosts.


Eh, I can see how the majority of players got a decent amount of DNA they liked.

For me at my point in the game I barely got any DNA I needed and because some of my Dinos are already level 30 I got some DNA that was completely useless.

For me In the end its just like achievements. One and done. No need or incentive to do them again.


The simple fact they’ve offered an alternative to pvp battles is a positive gesture. Shows they’ve actually heard us. Also whether it turns out good or bad for our current teams, I’ve seen some really cool changes in creature moves and abilities. I truly believe they actually made a great step forward in the balancing thing. We’ll just all have to take a moment to figure out the new team setting and “rebalance” :slight_smile:


It isn’t really an alternative though. Its basically a 73 step strike tower. Once its done all you have is pvp again.


Please keep in mind that not all of us are levelled max or battling the top 3 arenas. I can see this being a positive thing for starting and lower levelled players. Especially since the lower arenas have become the playground of many second accounts :wink: for us it may not be that useful, but it’s a start. Most likely if it turns out to be a functional addition, they’ll evolve it to fit our abilities better. If anything: they’re giving it a shot.


i don’t think so (do it and forget) it’s hard to finish that final levels, and seems they are planning to update that mode, maybe different challenges.


Maybe I’m just being cynical but ludia has never gone back to improve a new feature that a patch has brought. They just release something then move on to the next thing. So I would be very surprised if they add new missions.


I’m hoping it might reset, maybe not weekly but maybe when alliance rewards do, mix it with a new set of levels. Would be cool.


I hope it’s weekly reset. A message showed 5d and some hrs to complete. Changing the Dino and rewards should also be done. Otherwise it will be after a couple of weeks.

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If it resets every week would be fantastic.


They’re a good source for coins and leveling stuff. It got my Erlidom to lvl 22 and my Spinonyx to 20.

That would never happen

Can anyone else confirm there is a time limit to Campaigns?

Would that be a time limit once you start, or a time limit to complete the whole campaign?

Asking because this is the first I have heard of a restriction on it.

Never seen that message, I think it’s not gonna change or expire.

I find it quite nice, the battles near the end prove challenging, but it will take a while for me to complete the last 2.
Once I’m done I’m gonna have to go back to regular game and it’s something in the past like achievements are now. I don’t think there will be any replay value.
The rewards are amazing though. They won’t change on a weekly basis because you basically get “everything” as a reward.

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I’ve had it before where I filled up my incubators and need 1-2 more battles for a daily mission. This would be a nice alternative if there’s very little reward in PVP, and none of your friends are available for a friendly battle.

I believe this is it

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Maybe that news item will just disappear after the time is up. If in the campaign itself nothing is mentioned, I doubt it’s gonna vanish. Common sense…

Oh man why the restrictions. Let me have a crack at it :sob::blush:


I would love it if, once a week, a few random completed quests became available again.

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