My opinion to make the game better


Exclusive creatures aren’t just creature’s you get through PvP, there are several exclusive creatures that come in different ways. Some come through weekly events, some through pvp incubators, and some from daily missions/weekly incubators. And I am not so sure about making all the creatures(non-hybrids) available on the map, that may go berserk a bit. And the classes, they’re just meant to help begginer players find out what creatures are good against others. Since dimorpohodn has bleed its classified as a fierce since it can take out resilient tanks with bleed

And I can’t say much about the new creature’s updates since I don’t know anything about that

Did your hand hurt after writing all that lol? Gee that would take awhile to write, so nice work! I personally would like most of the creatures mentioned here to remain the same. However it is a pretty cool document.

Wow how long did this take lol also hybrids need to be better than components usually or nobody will make them

Thanks, it did take a while, prefered to write than type

Took about 2 hours

What hybrids did I mention you would be okay changing?

I’m supporting the idea for Tragod’s changes. The only Legendary creature without any Rampage or even an Impact move. So the proposed change is nice.

Besides Group Invisibility will also make her much more useful for Raids purposes. And possibly add her counter attack move back.

I’m not that particularly sure about the other creatures. Don’t use them much anyway. But overall it’s a nice effort.

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Creature changes all look fine except the inostherium one

gorgo has 1000 attack for a reason but posti needs that dmg

Would be nice if they buffed gigaspika
Attack: 1160
Speed: 109 or 111
Armor: 45%


Resilient Strike
Decelerating Impact or Group Decelerating Impact
Rampage or Precise Rampage
Group Taunting Shields or Taunting Shields
Slows: 100%
Stun: 80%

My idea (Maybe a bit strong but I love this thing and hate how bad it is)

The ones highlighted are the ones I agree with.