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My Own Cera Rework

What do y’all think?:slight_smile:

I find that Cera having GA and its overall stats are the main issue, not that it’s swap-in does 1x damage.

I’d honestly rate this rework as a 4/10, because it doesn’t really solve Cera’s issue. A stat nerf is really what it needs, as well as a minor moveset change to take off GA.


My big problem with it was that it can swap in then group accel and it does the same dmg as its rampage.(unless the opponent has armor,shields,or distracts it.:slight_smile:

I didn’t want to nerf its base stats because they’re acceptable for its lvl and rarity.:slight_smile:

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How about change Group Acceleration to speed up 30%?

I think cera should have its swap in stunning strike.
But you could maybe swap Group acceleration to a strike like gorgos but a resilient version.
Maybe increase speed by 10% and have a chance to stun maybe 25%
The stun can be replaced by any other resilient trate.

Honestly I’d go for this:

Keep its speed control without giving it speed increases like a cunning dood.

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Don’t really like it 4/10 at the highest.:slight_smile:

Im not sure if it is that easy to just take away maguns’ group accel.i feel that if they did then the whole raid would have to be reworked, because it may be infamous of that acceleration?every raid boss has it’s iconic move, which is being then part of the playable creature(except lux boss’ group distraction and shields , but that is due to it’s defensive behavior)

That’s actually a pretty good rework. It can still be reliable and have sped advantage but it won’t deal that ridiculous damage it had.

my version. I’m nowhere near endgame so I’m not sure if this is what it needs, so tell me what changes I could make

Honestly, it’s really just the same thing, but with a less damage swap-in stunning strike. Sure, it’s still a difference, but just slap some damage stat boosts on it and it will do more damage, which everyone really goes for.

That looks like the exact same just without decrease speed immunity but with the acceleration move that can cleanse the decrease speed